Seeing Your Own Marriage In Dream – Hindu Mythology

seeing own marriage in dream

No one likes to die alone because, in this world, we have been taught by our parents that it’s necessary to have a partner to lead a successful life. When you are a teenager or in your early 20s you don’t give that much importance to these things, but when you reach that age where you feel distressed, anxious about yourself, then it might be time to think about getting married. If you are a person who is seeing self-marriage in a dream, then you might need to know what it means. According to Hindu mythology, things like seeing own or others marriage in a dream might mean lots of things, and if you see such things, then you should know what it means. In Hindu mythology, marriage has given top priority because it’s that decision which might change your life for either good or bad.

Getting marriage related dreams might also mean that you are going through a tough or anxious period of your life. Or it could also mean that you are desperate to be with someone since loneliness might be the biggest reason behind it. However, in Hindu mythology, the meaning of seeing your own marriage in a dream has various types of definitions. According to Hindu mythology, dreams carry a particular purpose in our life because they somehow depict the future. So if you have marriage-related thoughts, then you are indirectly getting a clue about how your future is going to be in the following years. The future might be good or bad depending upon what type of dream you have about marriage. See the following dream marriage interpretations made according to Hindu mythology.

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Dream Interpretation In Hindu Mythology

Interpreting the correct meaning of a dream is very important, and that’s why here we have discussed the various implications of seeing marriage in the dream.

Attending Marriage In Dream

If you have dreamed that you are attending a marriage ceremony, then it could be a bad sign. Because according to Hindu Mythology, seeing a marriage ceremony in your dream means that something terrible is going to happen in the future with you or your family.

Marriage Dream Meaning If You See Your Own Marriage

Seeing own marriage in dream Hindu means that you are quite stressed and needs a company or other person in your life. If the bride in your dream was happy, then it means there will be lots of happiness in future.

Marriage Dream Meaning If Seen By A Married Person

If a married person sees him/her getting married in their dream, then it could mean lots of trouble for them. Because if a married person is seeing themselves getting married in a dream, then it means he/she is unhappy and dissatisfied with their current life partner. It means that they want more from their existing life partner and they are not living their life with full of joy.

Marriage Dream Mean When You See Your Parents In It

Seeing your parents in your marriage dream is considered as a good sign. Because it is an indication that you will get full support from your parents when you get married .

Seeing Accessories in Marriage

Sometimes you might see marriage accessories like bracelets, dresses, bangles, necklaces, and other jewellery, etc. You don’t have to worry about such type of dream because it means that your time is going to be great with your future life partner.

Dreaming Of A Grand Marriage Ceremony

If you have dreamt of a grand marriage ceremony in your dream, then it means there’s a piece of good news for you. Because usually seeings ambitious marriage dream means you might get a promotion, massive salary hikes or success in your business.

Seeing Others Marriage In Dream Hindu

If you see others marriage in your dream, then it could mean lots of things. If you see others getting married, then it means you might be jealous of the people around you. It could also say that you too want to get married because of loneliness in your life.

Seeing Childhood Friend In Marriage Dream

If you are seeing your childhood or best getting married in your dream, then it means that you want your partner to be like him/her. It shows what type of qualities you want in your future wife/husband.  Getting dreams of your childhood friend married is a good indication that you have a clear picture of with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

Losing Wedding Ring In Marriage Dream

If you have dreamt that your wedding ring has been lost in your dream, then it could mean that you are still confused or insecure about your partner. It’s been said in mythology that if a person is seeing their wedding ring getting lost in their dream, then it means they still have some inner doubts about their would be partners.

There might be many other dreams like seeing vine or an older adult in your wedding or getting a vision of marriage without any guest in it. All of these dreams mean something according to Hindu mythology because such things have a deep meaning about the future happening. Many people ask a straightforward question, like seeing marriage in dream is good or bad? and as mentioned above, all of these things depend upon what kind of thought you had.

Final Words-

So if you liked this post about getting a dream about marriage, then comment down below all of your doubts or questions. If you have got a marriage dream which hasn’t been mentioned above, then you contact us through email or leave a comment below, and we will be happy to help you.

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  1. Hey.
    Last night I dreamt of getting married to a woman I didn’t prepare with but both of us were very excited. The wedding when well and we ludge in a hotel after the wedding. Both of us were very happy together, but I’m still worried

  2. I saw in dream that i married to my husband and he not paying attention to me instead he is he is throwing money to wards his friends and all the attention was towards his friends and bringing thier attention to him. And i was not looking good not properly dressed. I didn’t knew how to get ready i was just putting on what my mother in law(dead in reality) was telling me to put-on. Which was really looking bad on me. I was looking so dull and unattractive. In real life also my situation is same. What would that mean? Will it always be like this only or situations are going to be even worsen or anything else?

  3. I dream about my wedding.. But the person who I see as me is a stranger… I was really upset with my own family on my wedding

  4. I have got a dream on my own marriage..
    At the 1st i know only his name and i thought him as my school friend, & even I had a doubt that how can he accept me to marry becoz he was fair handsome and smart..
    Thn later my parents confirmed me that he is not my partner but the name was same…
    And they showed him to me in photo …
    That’s it I got up..
    And again I slept and the dream was continued…
    That my wedding was happening without any preparation…
    That’s it was dream…
    What’s the sign of this

  5. I’m married and had a dream my husband didn’t show up at the wedding. It was a large wedding and I had to announce to everyone that we weren’t getting married and I was telling everyone it was good to have our freedom. In reality my husband told me he has fallen out of love with me and I am totally devastated.

  6. I am married but saw myself got married to another person who is very rich and I am leading a luxurious life .I saw a big garden big house what could it mean

  7. hi dear ,
    in mie dream i saw that i am talking to my husband that … yes i am going to married with another man. he is quite during the dream and suddenly one unknown person arrived and settled some accessories. and i woke up

    please tell me is it gud signs for my future or not?

  8. I dreamt of my own marriage with my love which included my parents, sister and all my relatives attending it. I wore a saree as of South Indian tradition but I was late to get ready and didn’t wear any makeup. I was happy to marry my love but was dissatisfied that I didn’t wear it. What does this dream mean?


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