Shashankasana by PM Narendra Modi Video | World Yoga Day 2019

PM Modi in his Yoga day tweet series recently has tweeted about Shashankasana in which we can see in the animated video PM Modi himself doing this essential yoga pose. PM Modi a week ago started the Yoga animated tweet series in which he is sharing animated yoga videos for promoting upcoming international yoga day. You can watch the full video of Shashankasana on the official twitter handle of @narendramodi which has tweeted with a #yogaday2019. PM Modi has taken this initiative to share every day new video to promote the culture of Yoga among youths of this generation. He thinks people need to know various types of yoga asanas and what are its benefits. Everyone likes to stay fit and healthy, but no one likes to get out of their comfort zone and do Yoga every day. PM Modi wants to educate the youth of our country to come out and celebrate world yoga day with their friends and colleagues.

This animated series of yoga asanas started on 5th June when PM Modi shared animated video on some Yoga Asana which got lots of good response from Twitter users.

Shashankasana video had been posted on around 8:45, and it has been watched by more than 1 lakh people so far which means the new strategy of PM Modi to request youth of this country to contribute to world yoga day is working.

In this video, one can learn lots of things about Shashankasana because PM Modi has shared some excellent insights about why someone should be doing this yoga pose in their daily life.

Also Watch Tadasanaa Animated Video by PM Modi here.

Benefits Of Doing Shashankasana

  • This yoga pose helps you if you have any digestive problems.  
  • Those people who are suffering from back and neck pain should do this yoga asana to get some relief.
  • If you do Shashankasana daily, it will make you calmer and will remove the anger inside of yours.

Wanna know about Yoga Poses for lower back pain ?

However, it’s highly advisable that those people who are high BP patients shall do this yoga asana very carefully. Since this yoga pose is relatively quite hard, it would be hard for those people who are high BP patients.

If you have lots of back pain, then you should avoid this yoga pose at any cost. Because before doing this yoga asana you will have to make sure that you can bend perfectly otherwise you won’t be able to do it correctly.

Final Words-

Shashankasana is just another video of Modi’s animated yoga series, and in the upcoming days, we will be covering every video till the world yoga day. If you are going to celebrate this year’s yoga day with your friends, then spread this news with your friends and colleagues and tell them the benefits of this yoga asana.


Tadasana by PM Modi | Animated Video :International Yoga Day 2019

Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi recently launched a video on Tadasana which is considered as one of the essential yoga poses. In this animated video, we can see PM Modi doing Tadasana also in this video PM Modi explained how useful this yoga pose is for beginners. PM Modi told various benefits of doing Tadasana as if you do Tadasana regularly, then you will be physically and mentally feel strong and healthy. Tadasana which is also known as Palm Tree Posture and it’s useful for those who want to become mentally healthy. Before launching the video of this yoga pose, PM Modi has already tweeted about Trikonasana and its benefits.

On 21st June PM Modi is going to celebrate the world yoga day with lakhs of people in Ranchi. Narendra Modi has already talked about his vision to make India healthy, and according to him, Yoga can play a vital role in our life.

PM Modi admires the ancient Yoga which can help ordinary people to stay healthy, and that’s why on this year’s 21st June on the occasion of World Yoga Day the government has chosen to organize national programs. In Delhi, Shimla, Maisur, Ahmedabad, and Ranchi there is going to be a massive national program to celebrate the world yoga day, and it’s expected that lakhs people would join live from each city. Last year the whole nation celebrated the international yoga day with PM Modi, and at that time also Modi shared continuous videos of various yoga asanas. However, this year seems to be unique for Modi government since they have recently won the general election that too with such high majority. If you want to know the benefits of doing Tadasana, then keep reading this post.

Benefits of Tadasana

  • Tadasana can make your whole body flexible, which means if you are getting any lower back or neck pain then this yoga pose might help you.
  • Tadasana is helpful if you have any knee pain. Since by doing this, your legs would get stronger, and you would get relief from knee pain.
  • Tadasana is good for losing weight since you will have to move your whole body, which will help you to burn the extra fat and will also make you feel stronger.
  • It is beneficial for mental health too. If you are struggling from any anxiety or depression, then this yoga asana might get you out of that hard phase.


So these are some benefits of doing Tadasana, which is recently promoted by PM Modi on Twitter. You can tell us what you think about PM Modi’s Yoga day mission and how are you going to celebrate world yoga day on 21st June.

Seeing Your Own Marriage In Dream – Hindu Mythology

No one likes to die alone because, in this world, we have been taught by our parents that it’s necessary to have a partner to lead a successful life. When you are a teenager or in your early 20s you don’t give that much importance to these things, but when you reach that age where you feel distressed, anxious about yourself, then it might be time to think about getting married. If you are a person who is seeing self-marriage in a dream, then you might need to know what it means. According to Hindu mythology, things like seeing own or others marriage in a dream might mean lots of things, and if you see such things, then you should know what it means. In Hindu mythology, marriage has given top priority because it’s that decision which might change your life for either good or bad.

Getting marriage related dreams might also mean that you are going through a tough or anxious period of your life. Or it could also mean that you are desperate to be with someone since loneliness might be the biggest reason behind it. However, in Hindu mythology, the meaning of seeing your own marriage in a dream has various types of definitions. According to Hindu mythology, dreams carry a particular purpose in our life because they somehow depict the future. So if you have marriage-related thoughts, then you are indirectly getting a clue about how your future is going to be in the following years. The future might be good or bad depending upon what type of dream you have about marriage. See the following dream marriage interpretations made according to Hindu mythology.

Dream Interpretation In Hindu Mythology

Interpreting the correct meaning of a dream is very important, and that’s why here we have discussed the various implications of seeing marriage in the dream.

Attending Marriage In Dream

If you have dreamed that you are attending a marriage ceremony, then it could be a bad sign. Because according to Hindu Mythology, seeing a marriage ceremony in your dream means that something terrible is going to happen in the future with you or your family.

Marriage Dream Meaning If You See Your Own Marriage

Seeing own marriage in dream Hindu means that you are quite stressed and needs a company or other person in your life. If the bride in your dream was happy, then it means there will be lots of happiness in future.

Marriage Dream Meaning If Seen By A Married Person

If a married person sees him/her getting married in their dream, then it could mean lots of trouble for them. Because if a married person is seeing themselves getting married in a dream, then it means he/she is unhappy and dissatisfied with their current life partner. It means that they want more from their existing life partner and they are not living their life with full of joy.

Marriage Dream Mean When You See Your Parents In It

Seeing your parents in your marriage dream is considered as a good sign. Because it is an indication that you will get full support from your parents when you get married .

Seeing Accessories in Marriage

Sometimes you might see marriage accessories like bracelets, dresses, bangles, necklaces, and other jewellery, etc. You don’t have to worry about such type of dream because it means that your time is going to be great with your future life partner.

Dreaming Of A Grand Marriage Ceremony

If you have dreamt of a grand marriage ceremony in your dream, then it means there’s a piece of good news for you. Because usually seeings ambitious marriage dream means you might get a promotion, massive salary hikes or success in your business.

Seeing Others Marriage In Dream Hindu

If you see others marriage in your dream, then it could mean lots of things. If you see others getting married, then it means you might be jealous of the people around you. It could also say that you too want to get married because of loneliness in your life.

Seeing Childhood Friend In Marriage Dream

If you are seeing your childhood or best getting married in your dream, then it means that you want your partner to be like him/her. It shows what type of qualities you want in your future wife/husband.  Getting dreams of your childhood friend married is a good indication that you have a clear picture of with whom you want to spend the rest of your life.

Losing Wedding Ring In Marriage Dream

If you have dreamt that your wedding ring has been lost in your dream, then it could mean that you are still confused or insecure about your partner. It’s been said in mythology that if a person is seeing their wedding ring getting lost in their dream, then it means they still have some inner doubts about their would be partners.

There might be many other dreams like seeing vine or an older adult in your wedding or getting a vision of marriage without any guest in it. All of these dreams mean something according to Hindu mythology because such things have a deep meaning about the future happening. Many people ask a straightforward question, like seeing marriage in dream is good or bad? and as mentioned above, all of these things depend upon what kind of thought you had.

Final Words-

So if you liked this post about getting a dream about marriage, then comment down below all of your doubts or questions. If you have got a marriage dream which hasn’t been mentioned above, then you contact us through email or leave a comment below, and we will be happy to help you.

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Best 5 Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

Everyone likes to fit and stay healthy, but none of us can follow a strict healthy diet and do exercise regularly, right?. We are living in that time where people are suffering most from lower back pain because of the hectic work schedule they have to follow daily. People don’t give that much importance to things like yoga, pranayama, or active exercise, but when they are doing it, they have to follow some useful guidelines. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to go to the gym but want to cure your back pain, then you need to do yoga exercises for lower back which are comfortable and quite doable.

Doing yoga might look easy, but if you don’t do it correctly then it might backfire you, and at that time it’s better to read first what kind of yoga asanas you will need to get relief from back pain.

Best Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

Even if there are tons of yoga poses which can help you to lower your back pain. However, if you want to solve the problem of your lower back pain, then you have to choose only one of them. Here we have mentioned the top 5 yoga asanas for back pain with pictures.

Supine Twist

Supine Twist for back pain reliefA simple yet effective yoga pose is Supine twist. A twist to the spine relieves lots of back pain which must be bothering you. In this yoga poses what you need to do is just lay down, relax, and then let the gravity around you help.

Instructions:- First of all, lay on your back then bring arms to a T shape on the floor and then bring your knees towards your chest.

You have to keep both shoulders on the floor, and if your knees are lifting too much, then you can put a pillow in between your knees. You can do this asana for 2-4 minutes and then repeat on the other side of your body.

The Sphinx Pose

The Sphinx Pose -lower back painWhen you sit a lot, your lower back might get flatten because of which you might feel pain in there. Sphinx pose can be used to strengthen your lower back if you are getting too much of pain in there.

Instructions- Just lay down on your stomach, feet hip-width apart and then bring your elbows under shoulders. If you are feeling too much pressure, then you can bring your elbows forward.

If you want to do the deeper bend, then you can use a pillow in your elbows and then stay in the same pose for 1-3 minutes. You can come out of the pose by lowering your upper body first and then just lay down on the floor for as long as you need.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward Facing Dog PoseIf the backs of your legs are tight then in such case you would feel lower back pains because of it. By doing Down Dog pose, you can easily stretch your hamstrings and calves. If you have not practiced that much yoga, then you should consider using this pose because it’s one of the best yoga poses for back pain for beginners.

Instructions- First of all, keep your hands on the floor and sit up on your knees. Then lift your butt and press back into a downward facing dog. Now try to spread your fingers wide and strengthen your legs. Relax your head in between your arms and try to direct your gaze through legs. You can hold this pose for 1-3 minutes continuously.

Thread the Needle Pose

Thread the Needle PoseIf your body doesn’t get enough amount of motion, then it must be because your hips might be tight. In such a situation, you would feel extreme pain in your lower back, and one of the best ways to get relief from it is by doing thread the Needle Pose. With the help of this pose, you can stretch your hips, outer thighs, spine, and lower back.

Instructions- You can start this pose by laying on the floor and then bring the soles of your feet on the ground. Then place your right ankle on the left thigh and keep your foot flexible throughout the pose. You should take right arm in between the space of your legs and left wing outside the left sleeve. Then cross the fingers on behind your knee, or if you don’t have any area, then you can put the thumb on top of the shin also. You should do this pose for around 1-3 minutes and don’t forget to change the sides.

Cat And Cow Pose

Cat And Cow PoseIf you want to do yoga for lower back pain relief easily, then this pose might be for you. By practicing this pose every day, you can easily stretch your entire spine and body. Sometimes people want to do yoga to strengthen back and core and if you’re one of them you should try this pose.

Instructions– You can start on your hands and knees. While inhaling, you should lift your chest towards the roof and while exhaling arch your back while pressing through shoulder blades and dropping your head. The process is simple, and you should continue it according to the rhythm of your body. You should do around 6-8 rounds but slowly.

Also read about effects of Yoga on mental health.

Final Words-

So these are some of the best yoga asanas which you can try to use when you are getting lower back pain. Sometimes people don’t give that much importance to their health, but if you want to live a happy and healthy life, then you will have to take care of your body. If you’re one of those people who are always complaining about problems like back pain can’t stand up straight then you should go with any of the yoga asanas mentioned earlier. If you have any doubts or questions, then you can leave a comment down below.

PAN Card Correction Form Online- Step by Step Guide

In India, things like PAN, aadhaar card and election voter ID card have lots of importance because without them you wouldn’t be able to do any administrative government work. Permanent Account Number which is also known as PAN, is the proof identity of yours and you would need it when you are filing income tax returns of yours or any businesses which you own. PAN is one of the most important documents which everyone should possess in good form. If the information on your PAN card is not correct, then it would create some problems for you. Because sometimes while applying for Pan card you might have wrongly typed your date of birth, surname or any other details. Now to make any correction in your PAN card one thing which you need to know that you can do it online also. It’s better to do correction in pan card online rather than sitting for long hours in seva Kendra to fix the issue.

People often face various problems when they want to make any changes in their pan card online. Because there are many seva kendras where you can go and submit required documents to make necessary changes in name, address or date of birth. However, one common problem which everyone faces here is that they don’t get the appropriate service, which is the main reason why the government of India is focusing more on online services. You can correct any information relating to PAN by sitting right in front of a working computer. So if you want to know more about online pan card correction, then keep reading this post.

What Kind Of Documents Required For Making Correction In Pan Card?

One thing that you need is to possess all the required documents for making corrections in pan card. Because if you don’t have any required documents then you wouldn’t be able to make any changes online, so here’s the list of those documents which you need to have.  

  • Proof of PAN
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • Proof in support of changes required

You can use Aadhaar Card as proof of Identity, date of birth and address.

Following Documents Can Be Submitted In Various Case Of Making Change

Sometimes the cases in which you need to change your name might be different, and at that time you would require to submit necessary documents according to that case only.

Pan Card Name Change After Marriage

In case you want to change the name on your pan card because of marriage, then you can submit any of the following documents.

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Marriage invitation card
  3. Publication of name change in official gazette
  4. Copy of passport showing husband’s name

Change Name In Pan Card As Per Aadhaar

Sometimes people might make the mistake of putting wrong names in their aadhaar and PAN card. In case if you want to see the same name on aadhar and PAN card, then you will need to upload the following documents while submitting pan card correction application form.

  • Aadhaar card
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Newspaper advertisement containing the updated name
  • Passport

How To Fill Up Pan Card Correction Application Form

When you want to make any changes in your pan card, then you would need to fill up the correction form online carefully. Following are required steps which you need to follow to fill up the application form.

  • First of all, you will have to visit and click on the CSF Form that states “Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data”.
  • After you fill up the form, correctly click on “Submit.”
  • Then you will have to pay the required fees for which you will be issued an acknowledgement receipt.

If you don’t want to use the online application form, then you can download it for free and then submit it to the nearest seva Kendra with required documents.

Some Guidelines For Making PAN Card Update Online

Before making any changes in your PAN card, you should know the basic guidelines. Sometimes people don’t give that much importance to basic things because of which they might face some trouble while submitting an online form on the NSDL website.

  • The required PAN Card correction must be filled in English only
  • Enter the ten-digit number correctly
  • The name should not have any prefix such as Mr Mrs, etc.
  • No abbreviations are allowed while filling up the form. However, a HUF applicant can use “HUF” after their own name.
  • Father’s name shall have to enter even if married women are filing the form.
  • Contact address relating to town, city and state should be entered.
  • If you’ve mentioned your Aadhar card number, then you will have attached a copy of it.

Final Words-

So this is how you can get PAN Card Update Online by following the steps mentioned above. You will need to make sure that whatever information which you are putting while filing an application form must be correct. Sometimes people make mistakes even while submitting an online application for changes or correction in PAN Data. So when you are trying to make changes in your original PAN card, you should be aware of everything. If you have any questions or doubts, then you can leave us a comment down below.

Early Harvest Programme | Digital India : Complete Information

The central government of India is trying to make lots of awareness about the benefits of going digitized. Now that’s the main reason the Modi government launched a digital India scheme under which they are making some revolutionary changes. One of the key pillars of digital India is an early harvest program. When a government needs to make some significant modification, they need to implement schemes which will cover every area and ring benefits to the ordinary people. Early harvest scheme is one of the fundamental pillars of digital India, which is aimed to bring digitalization into traditional platforms of the government of India.

Projects Under Early Harvest Programme

As mentioned above, there are many projects which the government of India is trying to implement under the early harvest programme. Here’s the list of those projects and the necessary changes it wants to bring.

Biometric Attendance

Under this system, every employee of central government of India will have to register his/her attendance in government offices through biometric verification, which is going to be done using their aadhaar number. An employee’s aadhar number is going to be linked with a web-based software application which is going to track the arrival and departure of every employee. It’s been reported that the Department of Electronics and IT have already started to implement this system at many central government offices.

IT Platform for Messages (Sampark)

In order to contact with the general public, this platform has been designed. The contact details of a large number of employees of central and state governments are stored in Sampark database. The honorable prime minister has used this platform to send good wishes on Independence day of our country to many people whose contact details are on the Sampark database.

Government Greetings To Be E-Greetings

The ministry of communication launched this platform on 14th August 2014 to interact with general people. This portal has lots of collections of designs in there which are used by the Government of India to greet people on special occasions like Independence day, republic day, etc. The honorable prime minister of India sent the first greeting on 15th August 2014 to more than 32 lakh users, and since then this portal has been used on many occasions.

Secure Email Within Government

Digital India also focuses on security of its database, which is the main reason why they have brought this scheme. Under this program, a system of secured email has been established to increase the usage of email within the government system. Cyber crimes have always been a headache for the government of India departments and securing email services within government departments is the best way to overcome that problem.

Standardized Government Email Design

Government of India is trying to build standardized templates which are going to used by them to greet ordinary people. Under this scheme, greeting templates are going to develop by the government in such a manner which will carry the intended message to users in an efficient way.

National Portal for Lost and Found Children

The government of India under digitalization scheme have allowed the access of The National Portal for Missing Children to MWCD, MHA, police, child care institutions, child welfare committee, etc. This portal has been upgraded by allowing users and other departments to register their complaint of a missing child through web-based application also. A person would also get a notification through email or SMS if police found anything related missing child.

Public Wi-fi Hotspots

To provide free internet access to the general public government of India has taken the initiative to distribute free Internet to them by launching public wifi hotspots. Under this scheme, the public wifi hotspot has been launched at railway stations, cafes, markets, educational institutions, metro stations, hotels, airports, parks, and other public places. The goal here is to provide the best quality of internet services to a large number of people.

School Books to be eBooks

Ministry of HRD/ DeitY has taken the responsibility of converting all school books to be eBooks. The purpose of this scheme is to eradicate the burden of carrying large books faced by small children. The government thinks by giving access to an ebook version of every school books; small children might get some relief.

SMS based Weather Information, Disaster Alerts.

All the information about weather or any disaster alerts is going to be sent to those people who are under the central governments Sampark database. This new scheme will provide the necessary information about what’s happening around them via SMS alerts

The early harvest program got lots of good response from all the experts since they think it’s one of the best decision for the central government to help people by using digital media. Early harvest program is just one component of Digital India pillar.

Final Words about Early Harvest Programme

So this is the necessary information which everyone needs to know for understanding all about the early harvest programme. Even though the program is still going, it will take lots of time for the government to implement every scheme successfully. If you have any doubts or opinions about the ongoing project of Central government, then leave us a comment which might help other readers also.

Thechikottukavu Ramachandran The Giant Elephant | Facts, Latest News

When it comes to India, there are many amazing stories which will amaze you. One of those stories is the tale of a giant living elephant of Kerala, whose name is Thechikottukavu Ramachandran.

Ramachandran is a tallest elephant which is in the custody of Thechikottukavu temple in Kerala. This elephant is no more than a celebrity because he has achieved the popularity because of his bulky shape and also the damages he has so far caused.

Celebrities are treated as a god in south India, and the same thing is happening with Ramachandran. This elephant has gathered a vast amount of fan following, and people come every day to Thechikottukavu temple to see this magnificent creature. In Hindu mythology, the elephant has got a special privilege because of the Lord Ganesha, and that’s the reason why Ramachandran is invited by many people in Kerala on auspicious days as a symbol of the god.

However, if we look back, then history is full of darkness and blood. The giant elephant has so far brutally killed 13 people by crushing them. There are many stories regarding various incidents which might shock you, but this is the reason why Ramachandran is branded as one of the most dangerous captive elephants in the state.

However, Ramachandran is partly blind because his one eye is already damaged, which still doesn’t make him less scary. The giant elephant has caused lots of troubles to those who have come across him.

Deadliest Attack Made By Thechikottukavu Ramachandran

Thechikottukavu Ramachandran attacks

One of the most significant disadvantages of having such type of giant elephant is that they can be extremely dangerous and following incidents prove that point.

  • During his lifetime, Ramachandran has nearly killed 13 people and injured hundreds of other people. He has even murdered three other elephants brutally.
  • It’s been reported that from 1984 to 1989 Ramachandran has killed five mahouts which were hired to take care of him.
  • In 2009 during the temple fest at Kattakampal Bhagavathy temple in Thrissur, Ramachandran ran over hundreds of people who injured many people severely, and it even killed a small 12-year-old boy.  
  • In 2009 again at the festival in Eranakulathappan Temple in Ernakulam, Ramachandran killed a woman brutally.
  • Five years ago, during the Thaipooyam at Perumbavoor, he again killed three women.

Even though the history of this giant elephant is such brutal, it’s still worshiped by lakhs of people in Kerala. The fan following of Ramachandran is not only Kerala but also in other southern states of India too. Many people invite him during the auspicious day, and that’s the reason giant elephant charges a whopping four lakhs of rupees for a single parade.

Latest news related to Thechikottukavu Ramachandran

As mentioned earlier, Ramachandran is already famous in southern India, and that’s the reason you would find thousands of fans of this giant creature on social media platforms also. They all like to know about what’s happening around him and whether did he cause any damages or not.

Recently Thechikottukavu temple board mutually decided not to lease out their elephants in any festivals. Thechikottukavu temple is famous for providing significant and big elephants, including Ramachandran during the Pooram or any celebrations. However, the temple’s board had decided to take this decision of not letting other elephants out during festival season when recently Authority banned 54-year-old giant Ramachandran for security reasons. The temple is indirectly protesting by doing this against those authorities who have banned gigantic elephant Ramachandran.

Temple authorities recently released the health of status of Thechikottukavu Ramachandran, and it seems like the elephant is doing fine. Doctors reported people would see this giant creature in the next Pooran festival since health is excellent.

Thechikottukavu Ramachandran HD Images

You would get an idea about why is this giant elephant called as one of the deadliest creature living in India after looking at these following HD images of Ramachandran.

Thechikottukavu Ramachandran Image

Thechikottukavu Ramachandran Thechikottukavu Ramachandran Biggest Elephant

You would sure won’t like to come under his path, do you?. Well, if you are planning to see this elephant, then there’s only one place where you can see him, and that’s Thechikottukavu temple.

Final Words-

Ramachandran is undoubtedly a celebrity in the southern region of India who has got thousands of fan following. But still, this creature is one of the deadliest and most giant elephants living in our country. If you know any other interesting fact about Ramachandran, then you can leave a comment down below and let us know about it.


Funny IAS Interview Questions & Answers 2019

In India, government jobs have significant value because those jobs do not only provide security, but along with it comes a feeling of pride and dignity. Thousands of youngsters every year appear for the UPSC civil service exam so that one day they can see themselves becoming an IAS officer. Everybody who is preparing for this exam knows what kind of struggle they have to face.

Becoming an IAS officer might be your dream, but that goal will require you to go through some of the toughest situations you have ever seen. One of the hardest things about cracking IAS exam is that you will have to go through the toughest interview. Many people have scored good marks in their exams, but they have failed to crack up the interview. If you are worried about the IAS interview, then don’t because sometimes it’s been found that the panel might ask you some funny IAS interview questions also and here’s the example of such questions.

Q1: How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Q2: What looks like half apple?

Q3: If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand, what would you have?

Q4: What will you do if I run away with your sister?

Q5: ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) + ( ) = 30
This is what you have for the equation. The following are the numbers that you can use to fill in the brackets: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15. You can repeat the numbers if required. The resulting sum should be 30.

Q6: How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

Q8: By using only one straight line, can you make the equation correct. 5+5+5=550?

Interesting Questions Asked In IAS Interview 2019

One of the best things about IAS interview is those can be interesting too only if you know how to handle that situation correctly. Many IAS aspirant thinks that they will be asked the most robust type of questions in there, but that’s not true in every case. Sometimes the panel which is going to interview you will ask some interesting and funny questions also to test your logical reasoning and will power.

If you look at those people who have successfully cracked their interviews, then you will find that they had been asked some interesting or funny questions during their conversation. Since you have already cleared the theoretical part of the IAS exams in the interview, your commons sense is what’s going to judge by these people. So here’s the list of interesting questions asked in IAS interview.

Q1:What if one morning you woke up and found that you were pregnant?

Q2: What happened when the wheel was invented?

Q3: Twins (Adarsh and Anupam) were born in May, but their birthday is in June. How’s this possible?

Q4: If two’s company, and three’s a crowd, then what is four and five?

Q5: A cat had three kittens: January, March, and May. What was the mother’s name?

Q6: James bond was pushed out of an airplane without any parachute. He survived. How?

Q7: If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?

Q8: How can a man go eight days without sleep?

Q9: The Bay of Bengal is in which state?

Weird And Tricky Questions Asked in An IAS Interview 2019

Preparing for an IAS interview might look tough, but if you made the preparations correctly, then you won’t face any problems in front of the panel of experts. If we look at the history of IAS interview, then you will find that experts in there ask some tricky and weird questions which will test your knowledge of various things. Now, these questions could be of anything because mostly you would ask about hypothetical situation questions in which the experts would judge your opinion. If you’re a type of person who is a jack of all trades, then you should have a look at these weird and tricky questions asked in an IAS interview.

Q1: If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become?

Q2: A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven’t eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?

Q3: Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday?

Q4: What can you never eat for breakfast?

Q5: Where would Lord Rama have celebrated his “First Diwali”?

Funny IAS Interview Questions And Answers

One of the best things about preparing for IAS is that you won’t get bored on this journey. Since the first stage and till the interview you will have lots of fun. Generally, an interview panel of IAS is considered as strict because of the way they test the person who wants to become an officer. However, such things don’t happen every time because sometimes you would be asked some funny questions which you will have answer correctly. An IAS aspirant needs to understand that the interview panel consists of human beings, and they would sometimes ask you some funny yet tricky questions to test the level of your intelligence. Here’s the exclusive list of those funny IAS interview questions and answers which are often asked by interviewers.

Q1: Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday?

A. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Q2: What if one morning you woke up & found that you were pregnant.

A: Girl – I will be very excited and take an off, to celebrate with my husband.

Q3: Twins(Adarsh and Anupam) were born in May but their birthday is in June. How’s this possible?

A. May is the name of the town.

Q4: If two’s company, and three’s a crowd, then what is four and five?

A. Nine.

Final Words-

So these are some of the best funny questions which are asked during the IAS interview. Most of the times when you’re feeling low or bored while studying for your exams, you should look at these questions which will light up your mood.

All of these quest questions have been taken from other sources and after examining interviews of the IAS candidates. If you liked any of these questions or answers or have any suggestion, then leave a comment down below.

What is JCB Ki Khudai & Top JCB Ki Khudai Viral Memes

One of the weirdest things about India is that we as a people like those things which can’t be explained in simple words and one them is seeing JCB machines digging big holes. If you are walking on the road, then you would find tons of people gathered watch jcb ki khudai which might be weird but many Indians find it entertaining. As a human being, we all like to those things which makes us happy and for the majority of the Indians seeing JCB machines digging holes at construction sites is a form of entertainment. In the last couple of few days, Indians are acting weirdly on social media because there are tons of JCB memes, which are trending and has gathered lakhs of searches on Google within a few hours.

No one can explain this type of things because earlier Indians made a teenage girl famous whose video song went viral in which she did nothing but winked. If you have not been on social media from the last couple of days and now wondering what’s with this all jcb ki khudai memes? Then this article might help you to understand the reason behind such a trend.

What Is JCB Ki Khudai?

One of the fundamental questions which might be coming into your mind is what is jcb ki khudai and why is it trending?. The full form of JCB is Joseph Cyril Bamford or J.C. Bamford, which is a British company that produces all types of construction equipment. However, in India, when we see a machine digging holes or clearing the mess on construction sites, we call it a jcb machine. There is no clue about how this jcb ki khudai trend started, but now all over the facebook, twitter, and instagram Indians are sharing memes relating to it. A few days ago, Indian Elections ended, but it seems like Indians have found a great source of entertainment.

There are even some celebrities who have shared the memes of it, and now people are wondering why is #jcb ki khudai trending on twitter, Facebook, and instagram. Sometimes you can’t explain things like this which is the reason now YouTube videos on jcb ki khudai are trending all over India and so far has received millions of views.

Top Funny JCB Meme

Jcb ki khudai memes are one of the best things that have happened after the Indian election 2019 results. If you are feeling bored or want to have a good laugh, then you can get that by looking at these JCB memes.

jcb ki khudai chal rhi hai jcb ki khudai meme jcb ki khudai viral meme why jcb ki khudai trending jcb ki khudai 3 jcbkikhudai jcb ki khudai 1

Why JCB Meme Trending?

No can say for sure why all of these memes are trending. As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time when things like this have happened because recently a girl from IPL match got full coverage. So we can’t say for sure which idea is going to be trending in India. We as a country might be diversified, but things like these unite us for sure.

If you go to the google trend and type jcb ki khudai memes then you will see that more than lakhs of Indians have so far searched this term. It’s not clear why these things are getting trending but whatever might be the reason the majority of the Indians like these memes.

Final Words-

The latest jcb news contains new meme material of jcb ki khudai which are going to upload soon. We have collected these memes from social media, and if you liked any of them, then tell us the reason behind it. If you have created a meme which you want to share with others, then you can comment down below.