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India Darpan, just like the title suggests, is the mirror of India. It is for everyone out there who wants to know each and every detail about the country.

Well, sometimes, even the residents don’t have enough information about what is going on inside the borders but we do have.

India Darpan is not just a website for foreigners but also for the Indian residents.

On our website, you will get all the related information about the formerly known as The Golden Bird country, India.

Here is all that we provide:

Who doesn’t like to keep themselves up-to-date with the everyday news? We care about your concerns. This is why we have created a news corner for every knowledge enthusiast out there.

Just subscribe to our daily news and we will slide the everyday happenings into your e-mails.

What makes our news different from others is the optimistic write-ups. We only choose to showcase the best to our readers. While everyone can easily find news about corruption, politics and bad happenings in the country, we understand your concern of boringness towards the issues so we bring only the crisp and interesting news for all.

Product Reviews

The very next thing to the news that every Indian seeks for is product reviews. We Indians want everything perfect for us. Be it as per the budget or the quality, we only want to choose what fits the best. For this reason, too, we at India Darpan will provide you product reviews of only the tested products.

You can easily rely on our reviews and choose your call accordingly.

We have a wide range of products for reviews but if we have missed out something or you need reviews of some particular product, please mail it to us and get your reviews soon.


Travel and Tourism have been at its peak in India for the last five years. The reason is the renovation and improvement of tourism sites.

There is a wide range of types of tourism and India is a rich country when it comes to tourism sites. There are various hill stations, pilgrimage sites, beaches, historical and cultural sites as well as a lot of deserts.

In India Darpan, people will get relevant tourism information about their favourite location and when is the best time to visit what place.

Along with this, we will also provide you with information and updates on travel packages chosen according to your preferences.


Next to everything else, we have an entertainment corner as well. In this corner, you will find people showcasing different talents like stand up comedians, memes, stories, latest song updates and so much more.

You can choose from the various categories of entertainment and we give you the best.

You can also send us your pieces and we will post the best ones on India Darpan.

India Darpan aims at user satisfaction and happiness so we only try to do the best for our viewers.

In India Darpan, one can easily find every little detail of the country but if we miss any information, please keep us informed with it through any of the contact measures because of United we STAND, Divided we FALL!

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