Shashankasana by PM Narendra Modi Video | World Yoga Day 2019

PM Modi in his Yoga day tweet series recently has tweeted about Shashankasana in which we can see in the animated video PM Modi himself doing this essential yoga pose. PM Modi a week ago started the Yoga animated tweet series in which he is sharing animated yoga videos for promoting upcoming international yoga day. You can watch the full video of Shashankasana on the official twitter handle of @narendramodi which has tweeted with a #yogaday2019. PM Modi has taken this initiative to share every day new video to promote the culture of Yoga among youths of this generation. He thinks people need to know various types of yoga asanas and what are its benefits. Everyone likes to stay fit and healthy, but no one likes to get out of their comfort zone and do Yoga every day. PM Modi wants to educate the youth of our country to come out and celebrate world yoga day with their friends and colleagues.

This animated series of yoga asanas started on 5th June when PM Modi shared animated video on some Yoga Asana which got lots of good response from Twitter users.

Shashankasana video had been posted on around 8:45, and it has been watched by more than 1 lakh people so far which means the new strategy of PM Modi to request youth of this country to contribute to world yoga day is working.

In this video, one can learn lots of things about Shashankasana because PM Modi has shared some excellent insights about why someone should be doing this yoga pose in their daily life.

Also Watch Tadasanaa Animated Video by PM Modi here.

Benefits Of Doing Shashankasana

  • This yoga pose helps you if you have any digestive problems.  
  • Those people who are suffering from back and neck pain should do this yoga asana to get some relief.
  • If you do Shashankasana daily, it will make you calmer and will remove the anger inside of yours.

Wanna know about Yoga Poses for lower back pain ?

However, it’s highly advisable that those people who are high BP patients shall do this yoga asana very carefully. Since this yoga pose is relatively quite hard, it would be hard for those people who are high BP patients.

If you have lots of back pain, then you should avoid this yoga pose at any cost. Because before doing this yoga asana you will have to make sure that you can bend perfectly otherwise you won’t be able to do it correctly.

Final Words-

Shashankasana is just another video of Modi’s animated yoga series, and in the upcoming days, we will be covering every video till the world yoga day. If you are going to celebrate this year’s yoga day with your friends, then spread this news with your friends and colleagues and tell them the benefits of this yoga asana.


Tadasana by PM Modi | Animated Video :International Yoga Day 2019

Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi recently launched a video on Tadasana which is considered as one of the essential yoga poses. In this animated video, we can see PM Modi doing Tadasana also in this video PM Modi explained how useful this yoga pose is for beginners. PM Modi told various benefits of doing Tadasana as if you do Tadasana regularly, then you will be physically and mentally feel strong and healthy. Tadasana which is also known as Palm Tree Posture and it’s useful for those who want to become mentally healthy. Before launching the video of this yoga pose, PM Modi has already tweeted about Trikonasana and its benefits.

On 21st June PM Modi is going to celebrate the world yoga day with lakhs of people in Ranchi. Narendra Modi has already talked about his vision to make India healthy, and according to him, Yoga can play a vital role in our life.

PM Modi admires the ancient Yoga which can help ordinary people to stay healthy, and that’s why on this year’s 21st June on the occasion of World Yoga Day the government has chosen to organize national programs. In Delhi, Shimla, Maisur, Ahmedabad, and Ranchi there is going to be a massive national program to celebrate the world yoga day, and it’s expected that lakhs people would join live from each city. Last year the whole nation celebrated the international yoga day with PM Modi, and at that time also Modi shared continuous videos of various yoga asanas. However, this year seems to be unique for Modi government since they have recently won the general election that too with such high majority. If you want to know the benefits of doing Tadasana, then keep reading this post.

Benefits of Tadasana

  • Tadasana can make your whole body flexible, which means if you are getting any lower back or neck pain then this yoga pose might help you.
  • Tadasana is helpful if you have any knee pain. Since by doing this, your legs would get stronger, and you would get relief from knee pain.
  • Tadasana is good for losing weight since you will have to move your whole body, which will help you to burn the extra fat and will also make you feel stronger.
  • It is beneficial for mental health too. If you are struggling from any anxiety or depression, then this yoga asana might get you out of that hard phase.


So these are some benefits of doing Tadasana, which is recently promoted by PM Modi on Twitter. You can tell us what you think about PM Modi’s Yoga day mission and how are you going to celebrate world yoga day on 21st June.

International Yoga Day 2019: PM Modi Animated Yoga Video Series

NEW DELHI, INDIA: India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi posted a video of him doing Yoga Asanas(Yoga postures) in the animated form on Twitter. Animated Videos by PM Narendra Modi are posted ahead of International Yoga Day 2019 on June 21, 2019. Yoga with PM Modi campaign is aimed at spreading awareness about the health and spiritual benefits of Yoga. Yoga Demonstration by PM Modi in the animated format is targeted towards kids and youngsters especially, as our country’s sizeable demographic group consists of youngsters, and a country needs a healthy, active population of youth to succeed on all frontiers.

International Yoga Day 2019 is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year since its inception in 2015. United Nations declared June 21 as International Yoga Day to honor India’s ancient Hindu traditional physical exercises and postural practices.

Learn Yoga with PM Modi -Animated Video Series

You can learn Yoga with PM Narendra Modi with the help of these animated 3D videos.

In the series of Special Yoga Videos by PM Modi, we recently got to see him performing Vrikshasana. Modi tweeted the third video from the series with the caption,” How beneficial is Vrikshasana for our mind and body? Let’s see in this video” with the hashtag YogaDay2019.

There are many healing effects of yoga on your mind and body.

This 2:19-minute extended video features animated version of PM Modi doing Vrikshasana. PM Modi’s animated avatar guides you through the entire exercise while wearing a fancy blue t-shirt and black colored track pants.

As per the video, Vrikshasana is known for not only strengthening the legs of practitioners but also curing arthritis, obesity, lethargy, vertigo, and other medical issues.

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Up until now, PM Modi has tweeted 9 videos of yoga to spread the awareness of Yoga to the global level. First, two videos feature asanas called Trikonasana and Tadasana, respectively.

All Animated Yoga Videos Uploaded by PM Modi on Twitter

  1. Tadasana
  2. Shashankasana

India has contributed to humanity in many ways, and Yoga is one of those precious cultural gifts from India to the world. However, over the years Yoga has lost its spiritual roots due to its appropriation by the business-minded Western elements who have removed the spiritual part of Yoga, thus limiting it to merely postures.

Yoga is not about fancy, expensive Yoga studios, accessories, or classes. With proper discipline and help of Yoga guru, anyone can do it at any place. To spread this message among the people of the world, the United Nations has started celebrating 21 June as World Yoga Day.

PM Modi delivered a speech in the UN General Assembly, and during the speech he suggested to the UN to take such a move for encouragement, so the UN acted on it. Since then, PM Modi has started to participate in International Yoga Day with thousands of practitioners in the mass Yoga event organized across various cities.

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This year as per the sources he is attending the event in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

This year you can start learning Yoga to become a healthy, energetic, and spiritual person. Make sure to ask your friends and family members to join you in this mission. With Yoga, we can build a nation of strong and healthy youth.

Best 5 Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

Everyone likes to fit and stay healthy, but none of us can follow a strict healthy diet and do exercise regularly, right?. We are living in that time where people are suffering most from lower back pain because of the hectic work schedule they have to follow daily. People don’t give that much importance to things like yoga, pranayama, or active exercise, but when they are doing it, they have to follow some useful guidelines. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to go to the gym but want to cure your back pain, then you need to do yoga exercises for lower back which are comfortable and quite doable.

Doing yoga might look easy, but if you don’t do it correctly then it might backfire you, and at that time it’s better to read first what kind of yoga asanas you will need to get relief from back pain.

Best Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

Even if there are tons of yoga poses which can help you to lower your back pain. However, if you want to solve the problem of your lower back pain, then you have to choose only one of them. Here we have mentioned the top 5 yoga asanas for back pain with pictures.

Supine Twist

Supine Twist for back pain reliefA simple yet effective yoga pose is Supine twist. A twist to the spine relieves lots of back pain which must be bothering you. In this yoga poses what you need to do is just lay down, relax, and then let the gravity around you help.

Instructions:- First of all, lay on your back then bring arms to a T shape on the floor and then bring your knees towards your chest.

You have to keep both shoulders on the floor, and if your knees are lifting too much, then you can put a pillow in between your knees. You can do this asana for 2-4 minutes and then repeat on the other side of your body.

The Sphinx Pose

The Sphinx Pose -lower back painWhen you sit a lot, your lower back might get flatten because of which you might feel pain in there. Sphinx pose can be used to strengthen your lower back if you are getting too much of pain in there.

Instructions- Just lay down on your stomach, feet hip-width apart and then bring your elbows under shoulders. If you are feeling too much pressure, then you can bring your elbows forward.

If you want to do the deeper bend, then you can use a pillow in your elbows and then stay in the same pose for 1-3 minutes. You can come out of the pose by lowering your upper body first and then just lay down on the floor for as long as you need.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Downward Facing Dog PoseIf the backs of your legs are tight then in such case you would feel lower back pains because of it. By doing Down Dog pose, you can easily stretch your hamstrings and calves. If you have not practiced that much yoga, then you should consider using this pose because it’s one of the best yoga poses for back pain for beginners.

Instructions- First of all, keep your hands on the floor and sit up on your knees. Then lift your butt and press back into a downward facing dog. Now try to spread your fingers wide and strengthen your legs. Relax your head in between your arms and try to direct your gaze through legs. You can hold this pose for 1-3 minutes continuously.

Thread the Needle Pose

Thread the Needle PoseIf your body doesn’t get enough amount of motion, then it must be because your hips might be tight. In such a situation, you would feel extreme pain in your lower back, and one of the best ways to get relief from it is by doing thread the Needle Pose. With the help of this pose, you can stretch your hips, outer thighs, spine, and lower back.

Instructions- You can start this pose by laying on the floor and then bring the soles of your feet on the ground. Then place your right ankle on the left thigh and keep your foot flexible throughout the pose. You should take right arm in between the space of your legs and left wing outside the left sleeve. Then cross the fingers on behind your knee, or if you don’t have any area, then you can put the thumb on top of the shin also. You should do this pose for around 1-3 minutes and don’t forget to change the sides.

Cat And Cow Pose

Cat And Cow PoseIf you want to do yoga for lower back pain relief easily, then this pose might be for you. By practicing this pose every day, you can easily stretch your entire spine and body. Sometimes people want to do yoga to strengthen back and core and if you’re one of them you should try this pose.

Instructions– You can start on your hands and knees. While inhaling, you should lift your chest towards the roof and while exhaling arch your back while pressing through shoulder blades and dropping your head. The process is simple, and you should continue it according to the rhythm of your body. You should do around 6-8 rounds but slowly.

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Final Words-

So these are some of the best yoga asanas which you can try to use when you are getting lower back pain. Sometimes people don’t give that much importance to their health, but if you want to live a happy and healthy life, then you will have to take care of your body. If you’re one of those people who are always complaining about problems like back pain can’t stand up straight then you should go with any of the yoga asanas mentioned earlier. If you have any doubts or questions, then you can leave a comment down below.

6 Best Effects of Yoga on Your Mental Health

Mental health issues of the current generation are one of the hot topics in the mainstream media, medical, and corporate industry from the last two decades. You can see people chasing fad diets, drugs, psychiatrist appointments, and various other methods for improving their mental health. Some methods help, and some only rob you of your hard-earned money; however, there are some ways to improve your mental health with little to money to spend. When it comes to physical fitness, Yoga is one of the favorite mediums in the western world. However, many don’t know you can utilize Yoga for mental health as well. Under the guidance of some authentic, experienced Yoga guru, you can learn Yoga for mental strength.

Yoga practitioners, after practicing it for a while notice some definite improvements like – calmness, clarity in thinking, less negativity in thoughts, and emotions. Yoga has relaxing effects on the body of the practitioner.

People who do Yoga regularly have experienced a deeper connection between the body and the mind. Overall speaking, mental benefits of meditation can be obtained through the meditation. The effect of Yoga can lead us to the ultimate state of bliss and lessens the suffering from our life.

Thus doctors and Yogis are acknowledging the role of Yoga in mental health. We can do it to treat several mental health issues like anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, stress, and depression.

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6 Best Healing Effects of Yoga on Your Mind

  • Positive Effect on Nervous System: Yoga makes your nervous system reflexes to move from fight-or-flight to rest-and-digest. It essentially makes your nervous system, into the parasympathetic nervous system. You experience reduced anxiety. You calm your NS.
  • Transforming Your Sense of Self: Cultivating a positive relationship with your self is extremely important. Your diet, exercise regimen, and other habits are the indicator of your relationship with the self. With positive, enhanced self-esteem, and becoming more rooted in your idea of self, it gets easier to develop great habits and a balanced ego. You can experience increased willpower; you become courageous; you start making decisions that you previously hesitated to take.
  • Bettering Your Relationships With People: When it comes to mental health, affected health can jeopardize your relationship with your partner, family members, friends, and even colleagues! People do Yoga for stable mind, and they experience inexperienced peace and mental tranquility. The calmer you become, the better you’ll be at handling the relationships with people around you. You get more compassionate, less prone to anger, and other negative emotions.
  • Makes You Aware of Your “Shadow”: If you don’t know what shadow is, it is a hidden part of our subconsciousness, that we either don’t know exist or don’t want to acknowledge it altogether. Shadow consists of our hidden desires, habits, weaknesses, and qualities that we don’t want to put out in public. Shadow and our “normal” natures are akin to Yin and Yang. Ignoring either can cause trouble in our lives; the goal is to integrate both in our nature positively. You can read more on this topic in the works of Carl Jung, as he was the one to coin this term.
  • Dealing With Trauma: A lot of us have faced traumatic incidents in our lives that impact ourselves to the core. Some people recover, some never do. Traumatic incidents impact our mental health profoundly. Tension builds up within our subconsciousness that holds our ability to live life to its fullest, as we once did. Yoga has the power to release the internal emotional energy from our psyche. We get power to confront our deep traumas and fears. Eventually, you can overcome it.
  • Depression and Stress: Depression and stress from work are one of the leading causes of suicides in the world. Depression is becoming rapidly common amongst teenagers and professionals, and this is a sad truth. Yoga can help you to overcome stress. Yoga can even help you to decrease the adverse effects depression has on life.

Yoga Asanas For Mental Health

Before we conclude this article, we would like to tell you about types of yoga for mental health as we all have seen people do Yoga to cure all type of mental disease. It essential to know which Yoga asanas or poses are good for us.

Yogic management of mental health is something that only real Yoga practitioners can attain. We will tell  best Yoga for mental health, that you can learn by reading books, joining a Yoga class, or watching YouTube video lectures from well-known instructors. Here is the list:

  • Uttanasana or standing forward bend pose
  • Viparita karani or legs up the wall pose
  • Shavasana or corpse pose

Final Words

Many other postures can be helpful, but we’d advise you to take consultation from both your doctor and a renowned Yoga instructor before self-diagnosing yourself. Yoga does have the power to improve your mental health. However, it’s good to do it under the guidance of experts.