national crush of india male

National crush of India male 2022 : Our Picks

Every girl has a person their heart sets on, maybe a classmate, a colleague or even a boy who was having coffee on the...
manasa varanasi instagram

Manasa Varanasi Biography : Everything you need know

Manasa Varanasi, a Indian model an engineer and a beauty pageant titleholder crowned Femina Miss India 2020.She is going to represent India to the...
jiophone next

The “Jio Phone Next” – Everything you need to know

JioPhone Next is in stock, the representative of Reliance Digital in Mumbai has confirmed it. However, customers cannot enter and purchase the phone. JioPhone Next...
india vs china war

Can India defeat China in war? | Military Strength of both countries in 2020

Is it going to be yet another India vs china war? If yes, then can India defeat China in war? Who will win the...
India elected non-permanent member of UN Security Council

India elected non-permanent member of UN Security Council

Are you aware of the fact that India got selected in the UN security council as a non-permanent member for the 8th time in...
apni virasat apni zimmedari

Apni Virasat, Apni Zimmedari: A Unique Initiative to Preserve Our National Heritage

ndia is a country that’s known for being the cradle of one of the earliest civilizations. Indian history spans thousands of years.  India has monuments...

All About Wuhan Coronavirus : Symptoms, Treatment , Latest News

Also known as Wuhan CoronaVirus, this virus is rapidly spreading all over the world, aiming Asia. Indians were immune to CoronaVirus until a shocking...
Shivaji Maharaj Crop Art google maps

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Crop Art in Maharashtra : Google Maps

Villagers from a town in Maharashtra, Nilanga have created a fascinating, incredible crop art to pay tribute to the legendary king of Maratha empire...