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Planning to Hoist an Indian Flag at your home? Here's How to Do It Properly

hosting Indian Flag athome

Hosting a flag is a pound moment for every Indian as it shows true patriotism and enthusiasm for the nation. The flag hosting at a home is the right of every native if it is done properly in a respective manner. For this purpose, you should know about some basic Indian flag hoisting rules, and this way, you can comfortably host a flag. Here, you need to be careful while hosting a flag at home because if you host it wrongly, you may get penalties and sometimes get imprisoned.

Further, hosting a flag is not as complicated as it seems. Here, you just need to know some necessary rules and regulations to do the same. If we adopt all the rules of hosting a flag, it shows our true patriotism and respect for the nation. Therefore, you must learn all these necessary information while hosting a flag at your home.

Some rules to be followed while hosting an Indian flag

If you are still confused about Can we hoist Indian flag at home? You can increase your understanding by learning some necessary things. For this purpose, you need to take a look at the below steps to enhance your understanding:

  • The flag should be neat and clean, and it should be ready to be the host. If the flag is untidy or torn, you can not host it as it is against the law, and you may be penalized for the same.
  • Always try to host a flag that is in the correct manner, such as saffron color should be in an upward position and green color should be in the bottom position. So, try to be careful with its position. This way, you can easily understand the Indian flag hoisting time rules. The display of the national flag is in the appropriate position. It should not be downward or in a slanting way. If it is so, please make sure to keep its stick straight.
  • At the time of hosting a flag, do not try to decorate with any other thing like flowers, garlands, and other things as it is beyond the laws.
  • The tricolor flag should be on the cloth. Do not try to use embroidered clothes and other decorative clothes while making a flag in order to host.
  • One more thing to discuss here does not use any written message on the flag, so nothing should be covered with this written message. 

So, keep the above things in mind while hosting a national Indian tricolor flag at home. If you have known How to hoist Indian flag properly?, now you are ready to do the same comfortably without any obstacle.

The correct order of the flag that should be followed while hosting

If you are possessive to host a flag at your home, you must know about some things that are mandatory while hosting, and by adopting these ways, you can showcase your true self to the nation and its national tricolor flag. So, let us understand the Correct order to hoist flag, and this way, you can give your entire respect to our flag. 

When you have determined to host the flag at home, you should keep some things in mind, such as the flag should be in the correct order, so let’s discuss its correct pattern of hosting for this purpose, take a glance at the below steps:

  • The Indian flag contains the tricolors, and that should be in the correct form while hosting. Here, the saffron color should be on the first number. In the other words, the saffron color must be in the upward position.
  • The second color is white, and it should be between saffron and green color. Also, the white color contains the Ashok chakra of blue color.
  • The last color is green, and it should be at bottom of the flag at the time of hosting.
  • One more thing to discuss here, the flag should be flown that is faced to the hosting person.

Thus, the above is the right pattern for hosting a flag at home. And, it is necessary to follow the correct order as it is in the rules and regulations. So, if you are a true Indian, you must follow all the rules decided by the Indian government. 

Where you can host the flag at home

The national flag can be hosted anywhere at the home where you can comfortably host it by following all the rules and regulations. As we know, the flag requires a large and open space to host, and if you have a roof, balcony, lawn or garden, you can easily host it without any restriction. Also, if you can host the flag in front of your building? But be careful about the flag as it should be neat, clean, and in the correct order then only you can fly it in the air. One more thing to discuss here, the flag must face the right person at the time of hosting. So, if you are still confused about Where to hoist flag, you can go through the above discussion, and with the help of this, you can get all the answers to your queries.

Hence, if you are planning to host a flag at your home, try to make a list of dos or don’ts so that you can not avoid any rules. This way, you can not become the victim of an offense and correctly host a flag. 

Do you know the flag code?

The flag code of India contains the rules and regulations that are set by the Indian government. In other words, it is the set of legal laws, practices, and other essential things that are required in the display of the flag while hosting. The flag codes are categorized into three main parts. To more about these parts of flag code, you need to be with us and look at below:

  • Part one: It contains the general knowledge about the description of our national flag. General descriptions contain the size, height, and width of the tricolor flag. And, what should be the size of the Ashok chakra? Suppose, if you choose 6300mm width and 42mm height of the flag, the size of the Ashok chakra should be 1295 not less than that. So, it should be proper and stable.
  • Part two: It contains the display of the flag by the members of any sector such as public, private, and other educational institutions sectors. The display contains the correct position of the flag such as it should be horizontal and vertical according to the situation. And, it also contains places than where should it be situated while hosting such as in the public or private sector. So, these things should be kept in mind while hosting the flag.
  • Part three: It contains the display of the flag by the government sector and its related organizations. The flag code is amended by the government on 26 January 2002. It contains the place where the flag should be flown: in government or its related sectors. So, it is the third part of the flag code you must know if you are hosting a flag at your home. 

The above are the three parts of the flag code; you need to know about them if you want to host a flag at home. This way, you can become eligible to host a flag and show your true love for your country. Even, every person in India should know about flag codes in order to enhance their understanding of it. So, try to explain and describe these three parts of the flag code to your friends and relatives so that they can know about this indispensable information.

What is the right time to host a flag?

Hosting a flag is easy and simple, but you need to follow some essential rules and regulations while hosting an Indian flag. You need a proper place where you can adopt all the rules without abiding by any single rule. Also, you can host the flag whether it is day or night. In the other words, if you are passionate about hosting a flag, you can choose any time of day and night provided you are following all the rules of hosting. 

So, do not be confused about “Can we hoist Indian flag day and night” as you can choose any time of your convenience and host the flag.

Summing up:

After going through the above discussion, we have concluded that hosting an Indian flag is a proud moment for almost all Indian citizens. Here, if you are the one who wants to host it at your home, you can definitely do the same by following the fundamental rules and regulations. 

In the end, if you know everything about how to host the Indian flag, you can comfortably host the flag on your balcony or rooftop in the correct order. So, whether a day or a night, you can show your true love for the country by hosting a flag at home. 

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