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How India got its name, Bharat? The story of India’s original name

how India got its name Bharat

India! A country which is the home of almost 22 languages, 13 different scrips, and an outstanding number of about 720 dialects. A single country that hosts such a vast culture and tradition in itself with such a beautiful amalgamation of various religions.

It is purely safe to say that in India every day there could be a single festival throughout the year due to its vast and diversified religions which blossoms along with each other without any kind of hatred in the air.

Being a country that transmits a deep sense of positive resonance and adversities peace can be termed as an incredibly special and spiritual land which each and everyone in the world should once in a lifetime must experience. India is blessed with a vast range of spiritual deities, making it a land of god.

Being an Indian means the individual is incorporated with a deep sense of moral values and a moral compass in order to guide him/her through the tough and difficult times and situations in a more ethically right and stable way.

It is believed that India is the home of one of the oldest civilizations to be recorded in the world. There are some of the traces of hominoid activity in the subcontinent that is recognized as the leftovers of approximately 2,50,000-year-old civilization.

Thus the old name of India is Meluhha or Melukkha. The First name of India is associated with the civilization who used to live in the Indus valley that is mentioned in the Sumerian and Akkadian text since the year 2334 BCE – 2154 BCE that was possibly 4500 BCE.

How did Bharat get its name?

There are many stories and myths about how India got its name, Bharat? and who named Bharat to India? To ease this long-awaited and most discussed question, we have made some research and provided some of the information which is relevant and has been compared with various sources.

It is believed that the real name of India is Bharat or Bharatvarsha. Even the constitutions of India also recognize the fact that while opening the sentence, India that is Bharat is commonly used.

The story of India’s original name

In some of the ancient sacred texts like Gita and Puranas, there is a section in which India is referred to as a Bharat. According to some of the groups, it is stated that the name Bharat comes from the king named Bharat Chakravarti, who was a brave king of the era.

He was the son of King Dushyant and Queen Shakuntala, the one who conquered the tremendous amount of territory.

In the Vishnu Purana, the country which is situated on the north of the ocean and south of the snowy mountains is known as Bharatam. While on the other hand, the same Vishnu Purana also says that this particular country is known as Bharatvarsha since the king Bharata ruling.

King Bharata is believed as one of bravest King ever born, there is a story of him to showcase his power that he defeated a lion when he was a kid all by himself. King Bharata conquered the whole of India and became the only emperor, there are also some mentions in the Mahabharata as well, that the land has been mention as a Bharata Varsha at that time.


If you search the story of India’s original name then you will be baffled by the ancient history of the country, as such there are many different alternatives and storylines about the origin of the name Bharat.

Out of them, this story has been surfaced more often than the rest, thus making it more reliable and trustworthy storyline.

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