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Shark Tank India Judges Net Worth in Rupees

Shark Tank India judges and net worth

Let’s begin this article with a short riddle, seeing the journey from, ‘tu tension mat le mai de dunga’ to ‘yeh sab doglapan hai’ which Indian TV show has scaled the height with a few days? Yes, you have guessed it right; it’s none other than the Shark Tank! You must too be excited to know, who are the Shark tank India judges and their net worth? No worries we are here to answer all your questions. 

Shark Tank India, a television program, quickly became the most-watched series in India. The program debuted in December 2021 and quickly has become the buzz of the city due to its growing revolutionary idea. It has inspired countless business newbies and changed the professional scene in the country. No one can deny the fact that due to financial constraints many individuals all over the country have not been able to paddle on their business ideas. Across the same thinking line has evolved the idea behind the launch of this show; the seven sharks are self-made business giants that are certainly ruling the globe today with their businesses having a turnoff amounting to be in millions and billions. The judges strive to provide a loan to the business minds who they think can turn out to be the finest businesses in the modern world. Though, considering the think that their pitch and ability to sway the judges with their thoughts should be the strongest. 

In the article ahead we will be casting some light on the most asked question of the blooming minds in India today, which holds to be, who are the millionaire Shark tank India judges and their net worth? Read ahead and we are sure you will be amazed and motivated at the same time!

Shark tank India judges and their company

Money is a crucial element when it comes to scaling business to a high level. You might be wandering about researching something new about the Shark tank India judges and their company, so, here we are furnishing you the most enchanting news.

  1. Ashneer Grover turns the famous quote ‘education puts forth success’ very right. The IIT and IIM alumnus is rolling the Indian market with his entrepreneurial skills. Being the co-founder of one of the most financial transitory, BharatPe has a total net worth of Rs. 700 crores. BharatPe is an Indian financial start-up that serves smaller firms including traders. Amongst many other things, the company provides financial services such as QR codes for UPI transactions and Bharat swiping for cards processing. The 39-year-old, who formerly served as Grofers’ chief financial executive officer, has a journey of success no one can imagine! According to some prominent sources, it has been found out that, Ashneer Gover charged approximately 10 lakhs per episode. Though, in the initial years, Grover had put money into various microenterprises, however, his achievement in expanding his financial beginning in the previous three years ultimately resulted in BharatPe being worth an estimated US$2.85 billion. Lies in his name, the answer to, Who is the richest in shark tank India?
  1. Anupam Mittal the Founder and CEO of People Group completed his education from Boston University. It has been suggested that this person has a net worth of approximately 40 to 50 million estimating to be amongst the richest person on the show., is some of his other famous business ideas which too have seen a glorification since the past years. This self-made business owner is reportedly charging 7 lakhs per episode of the show. The crowd adored his unassuming demeanour and interactions with the candidates. Known for a modest and gentle approach, Anupam Mittal has definitely stolen the hearts of many people out there!
  1. Aman Gupta BoAt co-founder and CMO were too amongst the judges dubbed as Sharks in the reality show. Talking about his education, he is an MBA from another eminent foundation, Kellogg School of Management. He is among today’s top renowned identity in the business world. The public adored his cheerful and light-hearted demeanour on the program. He demanded Rs 9 lakhs for each show.

Claiming an internet value of around 700 crores, there is no denying the fact that, the show can be named after this person’s honest and sincere nature. 

  1. Vineeta Singh is a TEDx speaker and a passed-out student from the IIT and IIM, being the most premium institutions in the country. She is the CEO and co-founder of India’s quickest blooming beauty and grooming business, SUGAR Cosmetics. Through its fifth year after the operation, the firm earned more than 100 million. The company has a supply infrastructure including over 2,500 labelled retail locations in more than 130 Indian cities. According to the reports, it is known that she was charging 5 lakhs per episode, with a whopping net worth of around 300 crores. 
  1. Ghazal Alagh with a net worth of Rs. 150 crores, without even a second thought, is the most prominent business owner. She has completed her education from Punjab University and is the co-founder and CEO of MamaEarth. It has been reported that she was paid Rs. 8 lakhs per episode of the show. Started back the business in 2016, Gazal Alagh supported her husband in this walk and the duo together has made it to the most recognized business owners across the globe. 
  1. Peyush Bansal is the founder and CEO of Lenskart, completed his education from an esteemed IIM as well as McGill University. Peyush Bansal served as a project coordinator for the prominent Microsoft Corporation in the United States.  Despite Peyush Bansal’s initial position at Microsoft being rewarding, he barely stayed over a year. As reported by sources, it is stated thar Peyush Bansal has a net value of around Rs. 600 crores making him standout and leaves an impression on the business world. He charged approximately Rs. 7 lakhs per episode for the show Shark Tank.  
  1. Namita Thapar is the Chief Executive and CEO of Emcure Pharmaceutical a leading company in the business world. Very well known in the economic driven world, the super businesswoman inspired numerous females by investing money into their ventures through the TV show, Shark Tank. She has a net worth of around Rs. 600 crores, and evolved as a blooming rose in the business world with ultimate determination. It is reported that she charged Rs. 8 lakhs per episode of the reality show. 

The way forward 

This is the Shark tank India judges’ net worth comparison, which would have definitely motivated you to be the best version of yourself. Nothing can be finest than launching a business and what proves to be the cherry on top is if the business touch great heights. Though, values that you attach with your business too play an important role in the onset of a remarkable entrepreneurial journey. And, given above are some of the leading business owners who have proved their mettle on this road to excellence, with utmost perseverance, great ideas and tolerance. The details above have explicitly stated the, Shark tank India judges’ salary per episode. The sharks in show, have a dream to nurture the roots of many other business souls who want to have a mark on this world, with their business ethics, but lacked enough monetary support. These business owners have provided funds to them, seeking some equity in their label. The sharks strive to attain their objective of seeing Indians reaching great heights with their intelligence. Get set go, India, achieve heights!

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