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Speech on Guru Purnima 2021 : English, Hindi Marathi

speech on guru purnima

India has always been a land of spiritual masters. We have an ancient tradition of rishis, yogis and gurus as they were the one who used to deliver knowledge and wisdom to students accumulated over generations. We all know that the festival holds immense importance in the Hindu culture. It is a day that’s observed to revere your spiritual and academic teachers. Students organize function on the day to pay respects to the teachers in their college or schools. If you are too looking for making this day memorable for your respected teachers, we are here to help you. Nothing can make this day more beautiful than a beautiful and short Guru Purnima speech.

You don’t have to go anywhere looking for content, we have collected Guru Purnima speech in 100 words that are brilliant, and your teachers would love it.

Guru Purnima Speech for Students

A lot of times students get confused, as they don’t know how to prepare a speech on guru in my life. So they either end up not participating altogether or go on the stage with a mediocre one. Both are bad, in our opinion.

Don’t worry if you are afraid to speak in English, we have got you covered. We have Guru Purnima speech in Hindi as well as Marathi. So you can be comfortable while speaking and yet make a lasting impression in front of the crowd.

Here are the three speeches that are going to help you in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Short Guru Purnima Speech in English Language for Students

So this was shortest English speech which you can deliver on the occasion of Guru Purnima 2019.

Guru Purnima 2019 Speech in Hindi

Don’t forget to share this Guru purnima Speech in Hindi language with your friends.

Best Guru Purnima Speech in Marathi Language for Students

You can download this speech on guru purnima in marathi language. This is very easy to learn and deliver on the guru purnima festival.

Final Words

Now that we have provided you short Guru Purnima speech in English , Hindi and Marathi Language. You are all set to make the day memorable for everyone.

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