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Migration Certificate | How to get it ? | When it is required ?

migration certificate

What is Migration Certificate ?

Migration means a change of place. Usually, a migration certificate is provided by a particular Education board from which a student completes his/her schooling.

A migration certificate is a document provided or issued by your recent institution for future use. This Certificate ensures that you have been a student of a particular institution at a particular time.

Any type of institution is eligible to provide a migration certificate. It can either be a basic or primary school or it can be a university.

Every time a student leaves a particular university, they must get their migration certificate along with them.

A migration certificate will be issued as soon as the results of current education board are out.

How to write application for migration certificate ?

Writing a migration certificate application can be easy yet tricky. First thing you need to know is whether you want to send an application online or offline.

There are various reasons for which you would require a migration certificate. Each reason will have a different application.

  • If you are writing to your school’s headmaster/principal because of transfer case due to some unforeseen circumstances, you must write it like a normal formal application with a valid reason for transfer and proper documents.
  • If you are writing to your principal after completing your schooling and now want to get into a good university, normally write an application demanding the certificate.
  • If you need a migration certificate to get into a post-graduation course, write an application to the dean of your previous University.

Usually, a migration certificate application comes in action within 10-15 working days.

If your migration certificate is lost, you can apply for a new one through any of the offline or online means by attaching copies of required documents which usually includes 12th standard (any course that you have completed from that particular institution) mark sheet and address proof.

Note: if you want to write an application for migration certificate in Hindi, follow these guidelines.
if you want to write an application for migration certificate in Hindi, follow these guidelines.

When is Migration Certificate required ?

Migration means a change of place. A migration certificate is to certify that you have left a particular place(here, institution) and you are eligible to take admission into another.

Here are the different places one must require a migration certificate:

  • After senior secondary high school while getting admission into a university for an undergraduate course.
  • After an Undergraduate course while looking for a post-graduation course.
  • After post-graduation while looking for a university for PhD.

Migration Certificate is provided by the previous institution to be used in the new one. Usually, when someone doesn’t shift institution after graduation and continues their post-graduation from the same institution, a migration certificate is not required.

How to get Migration Certificate online ?

If you want to get your migration certificate of your 12th standard through online means, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of CBSE.
  • Send an application/ to the Deputy Secretary of CBSE board to the official address/email address mentioned on the website.
  • Within 15 days of receiving your application, your migration certificate will be processed and posted to you on the address mentioned by you.
  • You will receive your migration certificate through the post.

Same steps are to be followed for other types of migration certificates. You only need to go to the official website of your particular institution type and do as mentioned above.

Some institution websites have an option to directly apply for migration certificate without any application. This eases the task.

Most people try to get admission into their desired colleges without a migration certificate which is not allowed. It is a punishable crime. Both the student and institution can be sued for committing such a sin.

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