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World Trade Park Jaipur - Things to do and see at WTP Jaipur

wtp jaipur building

Jaipur is a place where thousands of tourists come every year to see its magnificent historic places. Apart from tourist places, visitors are always looking for antique shops, handicraft goods, exquisite clothing and jewellery items. However, what if you are looking for a place where you get all these items under one roof? What if you want to do more than just shopping? Is there any such place in Jaipur where you can shop, eat and have fun without having to leave the place? Fortunately, the answer to your question is yes. The place you’re looking for is World Trade Park Jaipur. World Trade Park or WTP Jaipur is a big shopping mall situated in Malviya Nagar area of Jaipur city. It was opened for public in 2012.

About WTP Jaipur

Before we talk about things to do in WTP Jaipur, let’s talk about the history of the place. World Trade Park’s construction took 2 years and cost INR 350 crores. Jaipur World Trade Park owner name is Anoop Bartaria. The shopping complex has two distinct blocks. One block is located in Northside and another in South. City Street separates both blocks. There’s a bridge to join the blocks. In 2012, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan came to Jaipur to inaugurate the building. One of the attractions of WTP Jaipur is that it has Asia’s first display system on the ceiling that uses 24 projectors to create a single image on the ceiling of the complex.

WTP was honoured with “Mall of the Year” and “Best Architect” awards.

Things to Do and See at World Trade Park Jaipur

Now that we have seen all about World Trade Park Jaipur let’s see what one can do there while visiting. Here’s a list of various activities you can do at WTP:

Food Court

There’s a multi-cuisine food court at WTP, where you can order anything from Pizza, Fried Chicken, vegetarian Thalis to Kebabs. Several popular brands like KFC, Domino’s and Pizza Hut have opened their branches there. You would enjoy having food with family and friends at WTP. 


If you don’t want to shop or eat anything, you can head straight towards Cinepolis inside WTP to watch any ongoing movie. You can book tickets, both offline and online, without any hassle. 

Visit the ‘Street’

There are more than 10 ‘Streets’ in WTP’s North and South block. To put it in simple terms, ‘Street’ inside WTP is a section inside the block that’s dedicated to specific themes, to make visitors feel as if they are visiting the very place the block’s theme is dedicated to. There are big brand stores on each street; the architecture of the respective street is dedicated to a distinct theme. 

Following are the streets inside WTP: 

Ethnic Street, Roman Street, Oxford Street, Johari Bazar, Pyramid Street, Mexican Street, Kids Street, Food Street, Dubai Bazar, Electronic Zone, and Fantasy Street.

You can guess the theme of each street as per the names they have been given. You can expect more things in the future, as many projects are undergoing development. In the future, WTP is going to launch an underwater restaurant and top-class luxury hotels. However, for now, you will be satisfied with the attractions it has to offer. Now that we have told you about things to do in WTP Jaipur make sure to visit the place with friends or family. 

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