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(PDF) Speech on Republic Day 2021 in English, Hindi and Marathi

speech on republic day

The Republic day of India is a national holiday as there are celebrations all over the country.  on this day, the country became the sovereign democratic country by applying the constitution. From this day, India became the Republic of India and started following the Democracy style of government. As the democracy is the government made by the public for the public. Being the most significant democratic country on this planet, it is our responsibility to celebrate it on a grand scale and send a message to other non-democratic countries.

On the occasion of Republic day, the government and people come together to celebrate the day. The schools,colleges, and government offices commemorate the day by arranging a flag-hoisting ceremony and then speech session, where the young and elders deliver the speeches on Independence and democracy. If you are a student and received the honor of giving the speech on Republic day, then you should prepare for the day before it arrives.

In this post, you’ll get one fantastic speech on Republic day in English, Hindi and Marathi, which will help you to educate others and share a strong message. We are not going to include only the speech on republic day in English, but we are sharing some fantastic statements in different languages like Marathi and Hindi also. So, without wasting any time, check this short and well written speech on Republic Day in English.

Republic Day Speech in English

Many people in India don’t understand the regional languages from other regions. In such cases, the standard languages like the English and Hindi are used. If the guest panel on the Republic day ceremony consists of someone from another region, you should consider delivering the speech in English. Here is the English republic day speech for you.

Good Morning Everyone! My name is _______ and I am from ___th Standard. Thanks to the teachers and the honorable principal for allowing me to present my speech in front of you. Today, we are going to celebrate the Republic Day of India, which is one of the most prestigious non-religious festivals in India. This is a public holiday, as people celebrate the day of India becoming the Democratic Republic with the Constitution being effective. If you don’t know, then the first republic day was celebrated on Red Fort in Delhi on 26th January 1950.

India is a rapidly growing country, which got the independence from the Britishers on the 15th August 1947. The country suffered a lot from hardships after the independence and partition of Pakistan. Still, it’s touching the new horizons of the development, thanks to the constitution we are following today. On the Republic day. I.e., 26th January 1950, the Constitution of India came into force.

The nation, which is built by the people and run by the people for the people is known as the republic. In other words, our country follows the democratic system of governance, which is known as an excellent system. From the day of Constitution coming into force, the dream of many freedom fighters came true. They dreamt of making India a democratic country, and it was fulfilled.

On the occasion of Republic day, we remember the freedom fighters who fought against the Britishers for the Independence. From the Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri to many others, we remember everyone and pay respects.

The Republic Day celebrations are enormous in the National Capital of India, i.e., Delhi. As of now, the President and Prime Minister of India will be receiving the Tributes from the three wings of Indian Defense Forces on the Red Fort. Later, both the President and Prime Minister of India will deliver their speech to the ordinary people of India including you and me. The celebrations will last till the 29th of January when the festivities would end by “Beating the Retreat” ceremony from the Indian Army.

The grand celebrations for three days in the Capital and an entire day of festivities in every city of India are pretty spectacular. The celebrations send a strong message to other countries on how we are united and live in the country.

I hope you’ve got an idea of why we are celebrating this day in our school/college. I say thanks to our honorable guests and the teachers for listening to my speech. “

Jai Hind! And a Happy Republic Day to All of You!

Speech on Republic Day in Hindi

Hindi is one of the most popular languages in India, as the majority of people can understand the language. Many people prefer Hindi as the primary language. If Hindi is your primary language or mother tongue, then you should check out this Republic Day speech in Hindi. You can recite this speech and deliver in front of your audience to win their hearts.

Hindi Republic Day Speech in Coming soon …

Speech on Republic Day in Marathi

The people of Maharashtra speak the Marathi Language. More than 100 Million people in the state of Maharashtra along with the people from border areas speak and understand the language. If you are the resident of Maharashtra state, then delivering this Republic Day Speech in Marathi is more appropriate than the speeches in Hindi or English. Here is the fantastic statement on Republic Day in Marathi, which you should deliver in your school or college.

Speech in Marathi Language is Coming soon …

Final Words

The occasion of Republic Day is significant as it is a National Holiday. All of the people come together to celebrate the day on which India become the Democratic Republic and is still the most significant democratic nation till date. I hope you’ll find these Republic Day Speeches in English, Marathi, and Hindi. We are going to share speeches in different languages like the Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Punjabi, and others.

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