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Seeing Snake in Dream Meaning According to Hindu Mythology

seeing snake in dream hindu

Human beings are entitled to dream. The funny part is that they dream about almost everything. It may be a duck, a cat, a tortoise, a dead person but, the fun turns into a fear when some dangerous animal appears in the window. Today, we will tell you more about your dreams of this one dangerous animal, or say, a dangerous and poisonous reptile, SNAKE. Seeing snake a dream often serves as a symbolic manifestation, inviting introspection into one’s subconscious fears, desires, or transformative experiences.

So many people dream about snakes and they have a hard time understanding the meaning. If you are looking for a meaning of the dream where a snake bit you or just appeared and left after some time, continue reading this article to get the answers you are looking for.

Is Seeing Snake in Dream a Danger Sign ?

Snakes, like they are in real life, are surely a danger sign even in your dream. If you see a snake biting you in a dream, get alert. It is a danger sign. Something bad is on its way to harm you. You had this dream just to prepare you for the worst.

Don’t get disheartened just because the snake appeared in your dream. Rather than getting all negative about the dream, think of all the possible unforeseen dangers that can take place in your life and start planning some precautious schemes. Consider the snake your friend who took out time to warn you against the danger.

A Betrayal Awaiting You

Definitely, a betrayal is waiting for you. Heard someone say SNAKE LIKE FRIENDS? Yes, the snake is considered as a sign of betrayal. Just like a snake hides nearby and attacks you in your most vulnerable state, there is a danger around you in the form of your most trustworthy person. This person is the closest to you and is all prepared to betray you in every possible way.

Are you prepared to be saved? Don’t get too close to anyone and don’t share your secrets with anyone. Always remember, all the great men and women died when betrayed by a closed one. Enemies could not do harm to them. Think of all the people who are getting close to you for no reasons. Throw them all out of your life now. Don’t be cruel or harsh to anyone, just know your way and maintain distance. You don’t need a SNAKE LIKE FRIEND.

Dreaming a Snake can be Lord Shiva’s Acceptance

A snake is the one we see circled around Lord Shiva’s neck. A dream about a snake can be about Lord Shiva’s acceptance as well. If you are a true worshipper of Lord Shiva, it is time when God has accepted you. Enjoy this moment and feel blessed. Make sure you visit the temple soon and bather Lord Shiva’s portrait with milk. Do not worry about the dream, it is a good sign. Always have faith in Lord Shiva and bow your head every time you see that dream. Make sure you are on the right path because if in case you are doing something wrong, Lord Shiva is already watching over you. Also get info about seeing shiva lingam in dreams.

Here are few books on Hindu Mythology , have a look : 

An Upcoming Change or Transformation

Snake is also a sign of change or transformation. If you are frequently getting dreams of snakes, maybe it is time that you understand the need to improvise and transform. This change can be regarding your current designation, friends, family members or even the roof over your head. Consider your vehicle and old clothes in the category as well. Usually, the snake means that you need to change something that is very close to your heart. Make a list, pick the odd one out, kick it out.

Your Fears

Are you too scared of something? Ah! This is why you are consistently getting dreams of a snake. The snake represents fear. According to Hindu mythology, if you see a snake in your dream, you need to get worried about it because it is showing you that you are weak and scared of something. This something can mean stage, lifestyle, people or anything they scares you off even at the thought of doing it. The only way to get rid of these dreams is by fighting all your fears. Nothing can save a person who loves to be in the water but can not swim. The only way is to learn.


Every dream has a unique meaning of its own. If you are worried about the snake that appeared in your previous dream, then you need to know that there are specific things that the snake wants to tell you. Get the hints and take further actions according to it. There can be as many meanings of your dreams as possible. You need to connect point to point and make sense of your dream. Think of all the possibilities and then make your mind. First of all, do not panic. Neither get disappointed or sad because of the appearance of a snake. Consider it a boon rather than something wicked.

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