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Seeing Lord Vishnu in Dream Meaning - Hindu Mythology

Lord Vishnu in Dream meaning

In this Article : – You will read about the meaning of a dream related to the Hindu god- Lord Vishnu.

Dreams are an important part of someone’s life. They represent a person’s creative mindset and the ability to imagine things. Everyone dreams about someone or something while they sleep. Some don’t remember it, some ignore it and then there are some who try to find reasons behind their dreams.

Usually, dreams are the formation of our day-time imaginations and thoughts. While dreaming, a person can see various things happen to him. It can be about attending a wedding, the appearance of any person and even gods. Well, this is a very important topic of discussion.

Dreams really do have meanings and interpretations. Every dream has different meanings which can vary upon very little details.

So if you are looking for the meaning of seeing lord Vishnu in a dream, continue reading:

Who is Lord Vishnu?

Lord Vishnu is the greatest of all Hindu gods. Among the three Hindu principal denominations, he is surely one. Lord Vishnu is known by different names including Hari and Narayana.

Lord Vishnu is the most preached god in Hinduism and has temples all over India as well as abroad. In fact, Badrinath is devoted to him only.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu has different forms and people preach him in these forms depending upon the meaning behind his forms.

Lord Vishnu keeps appearing in people’s dreams and the meaning of these dreams are mentioned below:

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Why do we see lord Vishnu in dreams?

Lord Vishnu signifies health, prosperity and success. Seeing Lord Vishnu in a dream is a good indication of success.

Lord Vishnu takes away all our problems and worries into himself. He is famous for removing negative energy from our surroundings. This is one of the reasons why he is portrayed blue everywhere.

Another reason for seeing Lord Vishnu in your dream may mean that he is there to take away all of. your problems and worries and bring happiness into your life.

If you saw yourself worshipping lord Vishnu in a dream then it may only be because of your religious faith and devotion towards that particular god.

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What does Hindu mythology say about dreaming about gods?

Dreaming about gods is common in religious people. As mentioned above, dreams are the reflection of our everyday thoughts so there is nothing new for religious people to dream about gods.

Somehow, if you are not a too religious person and gods appear in your dreams, don’t get concerned because according to Hindu mythology, any god, be it Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu, they all signify goodness.

If you see any god in your dreams, it means that you are on the right track towards success and something good is on the way.


Lord Vishnu came in dreams meaning may vary on very little details of your dream but don’t worry, whatever it may be, it will undoubtedly be a good indication since according to Hindu mythology, the appearance of any gods in your dreams indicates good health, prosperity and good luck

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