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Choosing the Right PP Woven Bags for Your Business

PP Woven Bags buying guide

The government has strictly banned plastic bags for supply or storage as these are non-biodegradable, affecting the whole environment. To overcome this situation, polypropylene Bags started taking their place. The demand and use of these PP woven bags are highest in every field, whether we talk about the clothes or the food industry. Nowadays, whenever we talk about packaging, polypropylene (PP) woven bags are a popular choice for almost every business. However, choosing the right PP woven bags manufacturer for your business can be challenging with so many available options. Who doesn’t want a bag that serves the environment well?

Here, we’ll explain the factors to consider while choosing the right PP Woven Bags for Your Business. Before we step there, let us understand what these Woven Polypropylene Bags are. It has more in-depth meaning than one had ever thought!

What are Woven Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene bags are non-toxic, durable, and 100% reusable bags that are woven together from the structure in threads or taps made from thermoplastic resin produced by the process of polymerization of propylene. Confused! These bags are reusable, eco-friendly and have a natural product as the base ingredient. 

To understand it more clearly, let us break this into separate words.

Woven: It means assembling treads or strands to make a solid from it. The finally made solid can be a fabric or any material used in the process.

Polypropylene: It is a type of synthetic resin that is very light with high resistance made from propylene polymers.

Bags: It is a container which is made up of plastic, cloth, fabric, or paper which is sewn from the bottom and opened from the top to hold things properly. 

When these three things combine, it becomes a bag woven with polypropylene(PP) material. 

Types of PP Woven Bags for Your Business

PP woven bags are available in various sizes, capacities, and designs. It helps to meet diverse packaging requirements. This article will review the different types of PP woven bags that businesses can use depending on their requirements and product packaging needs. The thrill is getting exciting as you would have never thought of such wide varieties. 

Types of PP woven bags are:

  • Standard PP Woven Bags

Standard PP woven bags are the most common bags used in various industries. These bags come in plain or laminated woven polypropylene in multiple sizes and capacities. You can customize them with printing and labelling options to promote your brand and provide product information.

  • Perforated PP Woven Bags

Small holes or perforations in perforated PP woven bags allow air to circulate through the bag. These bags are ideal for packaging perishable items such as fruits and vegetables.

  • Gusseted PP Woven Bags

These bags have a gusset on the side and bottom, allowing them to expand for more capacity. These bags are ideal for bulk items like grains, seeds, and fertilizer. The gusseted design allows the bag to stand upright and prevents spillage of the contents.

  • Anti-slip PP Woven Bags

Anti-slip PP woven bags have a special coating on the surface to provide a non-slip surface. These bags are commonly used for packaging industrial products like chemicals and minerals.

  • Block Bottom PP Woven Bags

The bottom of the block PP woven bags are square or rectangular, with a block bottom. Because of the block bottom, the bag can stand upright, making it ideal for packaging heavy items like cement, sand, and minerals. You can customize these bags with printing and labelling options to promote your brand and provide product information.

  • BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags

BOPP laminated PP woven bags are polypropylene bags with a BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) film laminated to the surface. The laminated film protects against moisture and improves the printing quality of the bag. Pet food, food and fertilizer come compact in these bags.

  • Valve Bags

These bags have a valve at the top, allowing easy filling and sealing. This is the sole reason why heavy products like cement, flour, and other powdered or granular materials come in these bags. Valve bags come in various sizes and can be personalized with printing and labelling options.

  • FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) Bulk Bags

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bulk bags are large PP woven bags designed for bulk packaging of various products. These bags have a high weight capacity and are commonly used to transport materials such as sand, gravel, and chemicals. You can customize them with liners, filling spouts, and discharge spouts, among other things.

  • Transparent PP Woven Bags 

These PP woven bags have a transparent window that allows you to see the contents. These bags are frequently usable to pack snacks, dried fruits, and other food items. You can also use them for sandbags, animal; feeds, or cement-related products.

  • Tote Bags

Use these reusable PP woven tote bags for shopping and other retail purposes. Made up of high-quality woven polypropylene material, these bags are long-lasting and durable. You can personalize them with different designs, colours, and logos.

  • UV Stabilized PP Woven Bags

UV-stabilized PP woven bags have a special coating that shields the bag from UV rays and has anti-ageing properties. These bags are commonly used for packaging agricultural products like seeds and fertilizer. Moreover, you can also use them in tubes in buildings or earthbags.

  • Anti-static PP Woven Bags

Anti-static PP woven bags have a special coating that prevents static electricity buildup. These bags are frequently used in electronic packaging components and other delicate items.


These are the different PP woven bags that you can use in your business. Consider your business needs and requirements when selecting the right PP woven bag. Choosing suitable PP woven bags plays a significant role in the brand’s reputation and image. The bag must always fit your product, and the packaging must be in a way that attracts consumers and does harm the product with any possible factor. By considering the above factors with the requirements of your particular product, you can identify the best suitable containers for you woven with polypropylene material.

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