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Most Popular BTS Member in India - Who & Why ?

most popular bts member in india

BTS: A K-pop band that has gained immense popularity in India, but who are they really? BTS is a South Korean boy band whose popularity (and record sales) has recently begun to skyrocket across the globe, and you must be wondering, what is BTS all about and who is the most popular BTS member? BTS is a South Korean boy band that has just become one of the hottest things to happen in the country since the invention of the traffic jam. And they’re also gaining serious traction with Indian fans, which beg the question: why and which BTS member is most popular in India? The band’s star power has been on a steady rise since they first gained recognition in 2013, but they’ve really hit new heights with their recent single “Boy with Luv,” which features Halsey. The video for this song is now the fastest music video to hit 100 million views, doing so in less than two days. 

And now that BTS has officially arrived in India, ARMYs (the name given to BTS’ fans) are in awe and must know more about them. The group, which consists of seven members and began as a hip hop group in 2010, has since expanded its musical repertoire to include a wide range of genres including but not limited to pop, rock, and trap music. So why are we talking about them? Because BTS has a growing army of loyal Indian fans—the kind that boost the band’s album sales by millions. The question is: who is the most popular BTS member among the Indian fans? Let’s take a look ahead to know more about the same.

Who is the most popular BTS member in India?

Well, it depends on where you ask. If you ask Twitter users in India, they’ll tell you that Taehyung is their favourite member – with his deep voice and smouldering eyes winning hearts across the country. But if you go to YouTube and ask people there, they’ll probably tell you that Jimin is the most popular BTS member – with his incredible dancing skills and upbeat personality making him stand out to fans. That’s not an easy question to answer as a whole! Since the band’s members all have distinct personalities and talents, they all appeal to different segments of the population. Still, there have been certain hints that the most popular member of BTS in India appears to be Kim Taehyung, or “V,” as he is known by his fans. The youngest member of BTS at only 22 years old, V is known for his charming personality and beautiful singing voice, which is why he is so popular among Indian fans! He is arguably the finest BTS member in India. His handsome good looks, playful personality as known, he once dressed up as an old man at BTS’ fan club meeting, and incredible vocal abilities combine to make him an unstoppable force in the music industry making him the show stopper! They also appreciate his activism and how he has spoken out against racism and violence against women, thus, helping him garner the title of the most popular BTS member.

But why are BTS members so popular in India?

First of all, they’re a K-Pop group. The Korean music industry has been growing rapidly since the early 2000s, and has grown to be the 6th largest music industry in the world. And with it’s growing popularity worldwide, it’s no wonder that India has latched on as a huge consumer of Korean pop music.

Secondly, BTS looks like your average Indian boy band: all seven members have a similar dark hair color and dark skin tone. This relatability factor is the key to becoming a household name in India’s music scene—fans want to see themselves reflected back at them by their idols.

In a nutshell, the part of what makes BTS so popular in India is the group’s musical style and unique performance. BTS are known for their upbeat dance moves and catchy pop music. Additionally, many of the songs released by BTS discuss themes relevant to younger generations such as self-love and mental health awareness. 

The bottom line

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how BTS became the phenomenon it is today. One thing’s for sure, though: they’ve spent years perfecting their music and their stage presence, and people have been noticing. The group’s members have been together for about six years now. But as recently as last year, some people still hadn’t heard of them. Now it seems like everyone is talking about them. In the past few months, their videos have racked up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, and their songs are burning up the charts across the world. In fact, BTS has a lot of fans in India! They’ve been mentioned in Indian media outlets like The Times of India and India Today.

The South Korean boy band has been around since 2013, but they’ve exploded in popularity over the last few years. Why? Well, many reasons have been offered. But one thing is certain – they’re definitely gaining popularity among Indian youth. (And really, who can resist RM’s rap skills?). Nevertheless, standing alike with the crowd yet the best is V, henceforth, gaining the title of the most popular BTS member in India 2022.

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