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DIY Phone Charms with Beads - How to make

DIY phone charms

Phone charms have become a popular accessory for mobile phones. The charms are small and dangle from the phone, adding character to the phone. There are many types of charms that can be made depending on your taste, preference, and budget. Many people love to use these DIY phone charms for hanging their keys, their phones and other items. But, having the same old boring charm that everyone else has becomes so boring after a while. This is why you should learn to make your own phone charms and make them unique. This is where DIY beaded phone charm comes into picture.

Phone charms, or cell phone charms, are a fun way to show off your personality and design style. A little charm can go a long way in making a statement about your style. There are many different types of phone charms for sale online, but the price of these charms might not be worth it to some. Instead of dropping your money on one of these pre-made phone charms, why not make one yourself? It’s easy! You can use materials you already have at home and make a stylish phone charm in minutes. There are so many different styles of phone charms that you could make, from simple beads on string to more complicated designs involving wire. Plus, the added benefit is that you can personalize the charm exactly to your liking. So, if you are thinking, how to make phone charms with beads and your wait is all over!

Let’s make stylish DIY beaded phone charm

Have you been looking for a phone charm but can’t find one that fits your unique style? Then you should make your own DIY phone charm! Phone charms are a great way to personalize your phone and make it your own. Phone charms have become the new trend in recent years. Anyone can make their own phone charms at home with minimal supplies. You can make them with beads, buttons, and even string. You can use materials you have around the home or buy them in stores. Let’s take a look at how to make beaded phone charms at home!

Step 1: Plan and get the things you need

The first step towards getting your DIY beaded phone charm is getting all of the materials you need for your phone charm. You will need some type of beads for the charm, an eye pin, a pair of pliers, and some string. For the beads, you can use any type of bead. You can even use other objects that are small enough like a mini eraser or a tiny plastic toy piece. The beads should have a hole large enough for the string to fit through but tight enough so that it does not slide off easily. You should also get at least 4 inches worth of string to create your phone charm with. The eye pin is what attaches everything together and lets you attach it to your phone case. You will need some sort of pliers to bend the eye pin into shape and to cut the excess string off if needed. It’s easy to use and has a large eye that makes stringing beads on it easy for both adults kids alike!

Step 2: What string to use for phone charms?

Beads…..colours……strap…..hooks etc.

Are you too wondering about, what string to use for phone charms? This step is all about choosing which type of string or yarn to use for your phone charm. When choosing what type of string you will use, it’s important to consider how long it needs to be. The longer the string is, the more room there will be for beads on your phone charm! A bead is a small object that comes in different shapes. Beads are usually made of different materials ranging from wood, metal, glass, stone, plastic and even ceramic. Today, beads are also used for jewellery making, fashion accessories and even for crafts. Learning how to make beaded phone charms is fairly simple. This can also make a good bonding time with kids as they will surely enjoy making their own phone charms. It’s also easy to start because the materials needed are readily available at home or in the stores near you. For example: if you want your phone charm to hang from something like an earring hook or necklace chain then you might want it shorter than if it were just hanging from the edge of your pocket or purse strap by itself (without anything else attached). You can choose anything from cotton threading to wool yarns depending on what type of look you’re going for. For example: if you want something more classic looking then go with red cotton threading while if you want something fun and colorful then use multi-colored wool yarns instead!

Step 3: Set things up, it’s time to ace

The next step is threading the needle after which you secure it to a stable object such as a table edge or chair leg. You can then start threading the beads in any pattern you want. Once you have threaded all the beads, tie a knot at the end to prevent them from sliding off the string. You can then trim the excess string using scissors and decorate it with other beads or ribbons if you wish.

Step 4: Bead it up

Once you’ve got all that together, it’s time to start stringing the beads onto your needle. Start by threading one end of the string through the middle hole. And after you are done with putting the beads in proper alignment, your DIY beaded phone charm is all ready to put forth a fashion statement. The steps given above will help you make your own phone charm at home.

One sample DIY phone charm

Phone charms are a fun, cute, and easy way to personalize your phone. They’re also a great gift for friends and family. They’re a simple DIY project that’s perfect for beginners–and you’ll have everything you need around the house!

Your beaded phone charm will be made of:

– A flower bead with a hole in the centre

– A bobby pin

– An elastic hair tie

– Beads (plastic or glass)

– Fishing line

Start by cutting off one end of the bobby pin. Then, string several beads onto the fishing line. Push the end of the fishing line through the small hole in the centre of your flower bead. Tie a knot behind the flower bead to keep it in place on your fishing line. Thread more beads onto the fishing line and tie another knot behind them to secure them in place. Now you’ve got a bracelet!

Watch this video :

The way ahead

Snazz up your smartphone with these easy to make DIY beaded phone charms! What’s the one thing that could make that sweet new iPhone even better? You guessed it—a DIY phone charm. But we don’t just want any old phone charm. We want a bead-y, sparkly, custom-made one that coordinates perfectly with our outfit and the handbag we’re carrying. 

When it comes to accessories, DIY beaded phone charms are the way to go. Imagine this: you walk into a meeting and your phone is attached to a beaded phone charm. You sit down at the table and set your phone down. Your ears perk up because you hear a slight rattle next to your coffee cup. That’s right, the person next to you notices your beaded phone charm! They complement it and ask where you got it from; what do you say? “I made it!” Feels satisfactory, isn’t it? Indeed, you are all caught and it is the perfect time to put your skills to test and make your own phone charm at home.

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