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CTET Preparation Books - Download PDF Online

ctet preparation books pdf

CTET exam is a boon for all the aspiring teachers. Just by cracking this exam with minimum marks required to qualify it, one can become eligible to teach students of their preferred standards. In this article, you will read all the relevant information about CTET exam preparation and the required books.

The CTET exam is divided on the basis of teaching preferences. Both the papers have similar subjects but different syllabus. Basically, CTET first paper is for the candidates who aspire to teach in primary schools while CTET second paper is for those candidates who aspire to become a teacher of elementary schools. As per the papers, standard and level of questions may vary.

Knowing about the syllabus doesn’t really make one eligible to sit for the examination. What you need is enough preparation. For that, we need to have relevant books.

Today, in this post, you will get information about all the CTET books for preparation and where to download CBSE CTET books pdf.

Candidates can appear for both the CTET papers as per their eligibility. Although the most preferred books for CTET preparation are CTET books you can refer to any relevant books as per the syllabus and availability.

Since there are 2 papers, different books will be required. You can also download CTET books pdf for free.

The first paper of CTET will have the following subjects:

  1. Language 1
  2. Language 2
  3. Mathematics
  4. Environmental Studies
  5. Child Development

The second paper will have similar subjects but mathematics would only option if it was your subject in +2 and you want to teach this as your main subject. Same goes for science and social studies.

Download Books for CTET Paper 1:

If you are preparing the English language

Whether it is paper 1 or paper 2 that you sit for, you will have to appear for the English Language in both of them. Here are some books for you to refer to while preparing for the subject:

If English is your Language 1- Geeta Sahni’s English and Pedagogy Language 1 Penned

If English is your Language 2- CTET & TETs English language and pedagogy paper 2 by Arihant Expert.

Books to refer to while preparing for CTET Mathematics:

One of the best books for mathematics practice is Arihant Publication’s CTET  and TET for class 1-5.

Next study material is for Environmental Studies and Social Studies:

All the books published by Arihant Experts are good for practising Social Studies and Environmental Studies. If you want to download the best CTET preparation books pdf, check the link given below:


CTET Paper 2 Books

To study child development and pedagogy, Sandeep Kumar’s book is another good collection of notes for both the CTET papers.

You can also go for online CTET books pdf download option for this one.

Syllabus of Mathematics and Social Studies is similar for both the papers so similar books can be referred to. For these subjects, again you can go to Arihant Expert’s books.

Another good way to increase your chances at qualifying CTET exam, you must go through previous year question papers of CTET and try solving them.

Some of the students get demotivated because the number of days left for the examination is decreasing day by day but this is completely a myth. Although a moderate number of days is required to prepare for the CTET exam, some of the most important things you must have are confidence, optimism and appropriate study material.

Most of the students prefer joining coachings for CTET preparation but what it really requires is self study. Like every other exam preparation, CTET preparation is quite similar when it comes to study. All you need is a set of right books for your opted paper, peace and motivation.

Refer to NCERT Books:

To get NCERT books at cheap prices, go for second or third-hand ones. They will be of no use after the examination so don’t go for newer ones.

Sample Papers:

Sample Papers are another important study material one must-have. They will not only give you an idea of the type of question paper that you will be facing but will also let you know about the important questions that will be repeated in most of them.

Now that you know how to crack the CTET exam, go get these books and start reading. Good luck!

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