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Common lines of Assamese moms - Dialogues

Common lines of Assamese moms

Assamese moms, is there anything they can’t do? They are raising famously incredible children, and it’s not just because of their genes. What’s their secret? Their secret is their Assamese dialogues from Assamese moms. There are more than a few, but here’s one: they’re masters at delivering crisp, precise phrases. You may not think much of those fleeting moments when your mom is imparting advice to you, but in Assam, those moments are actually a major part of the culture. Mothers really want to give their kids great advice and here comes in picture frame the best dialogues from Assamese moms, and they know that the impact of that advice is going to be greatest if it is delivered with finesse and grace. In this article, we will explore the secrets to being a successful Assamese mom, why being one is beneficial to you as a parent, and how you can raise a child that will grow up to be just as harsh and critical as you are. We’ll also dive into whether or not it’s possible to become an Assamese mom if you weren’t born one. So read on and get ready to learn some valuable parenting tips! Assamese moms are famous for many things. 

They have a way with words that can simultaneously soothe and horrify, embarrass and inspire in an instant. They’re also known for their impeccable sense of style, which they somehow magically find time to maintain while running a household, working full-time jobs, and being the only person who knows how to make your favorite dish. When you think about it, Assamese moms are world-class chefs, fashion icons, interior decorators, psychologists, event planners—they’re basically superheroes! So let’s celebrate them as such: dialogues from Assamese moms every Assamese boys and girls can relate with! From the way they make food to their no-holds-barred approach to childrearing, Assamese moms are famous for a lot of reasons. 

Assamese moms are some of the best, and here’s why!

-They can cook ANYTHING. Whether you’re in the mood for baingan bharta or oatmeal, your mom is on it.

-They will not hesitate to tell you what’s what, because that’s how much they care about you.

-“Have you eaten?” is just another way of saying “I love you,” and they aren’t afraid to show it.

-If they’re not working, they’re cleaning around the house (or telling you to clean).

-They’re always ready with a hot cup of tea and a listening ear when you need them.

Assamese dialogues from Assamese moms 

No matter the reason, there’s no doubt that Assamese moms are famous around the world for what they mean to their kids. But what exactly do they mean? What do they have to say that resonates so deeply with people everywhere? Let’s take a look at some of the most common lines you’ll hear from an Assamese mom.

  1. Poha Xuna tu nokoro e anytime mobile tute lagi thako toi ki vabiso toi mok thogi aso… Toi nijei nijok thogi aso, this is one of the common lines of Assamese moms that every child has grown listening to!
  2. Bhat kio khabo lage mobile sai sai pet vora nai neki?, is one of the common lines from Assamese moms
  3. Next comes to limelight, Lukor lora – suwali bure ratipua uthi douribo jai amar aitu -aijoni atiau morar pora uthibo huwai nai. This can be proclaimed as one of the choicest Assamese dialogues from Assamese moms.
  4. With everything being going good, this dialogue is the best. Ghoror kam ata koribo nuaro pst ki kori khabi toi. Hotel t bason dhubi toi.
  5. Common lines of Assamese moms know no bounds. And, this one is the best, Tuk he dekhisu ru dintu mobile tut lagi thako, ki pao mobile tur pora tuk pisot mobile tua khuabo ne!
  6. If we talk about the finest dialogues from Assamese moms, this dialogue can never be far behind, Amuke kore tamuke kore je koi aso, xihote nodit jap dile toiu dibi ne?

Why Assamese moms are the best?

For example: “Nahi pani hoise.” (“Don’t drink water.”) This strategy works on two levels: first, it helps convey the message (don’t drink water) because it is so memorable; second, it helps reinforce the message by encouraging the child to speak about the command with others—even if all he is saying is “I’m not supposed to drink water.” The result? The phrase “Nahi pani hoise” stays with you long after you’ve forgotten what you were arguing about in the first place.

Assamese moms are famous for saying things like “You’re too skinny, you need to eat more.” (Even though you’re not.) Or “Put on a scarf, you’ll get sick.” (Even though it’s 70 degrees out.) Or “Move to London, they have better hospitals!” (Even though you have no intention of moving to London). It’s as if they have a sixth sense that tells them that whatever you’re doing is wrong. And yet somehow, you still love them.

The way forward 

Assamese moms are famous for their crisp lines. For example, they do not let their children to eat sweets before having food, because they think that eating sweets before having food will cause harm in their kids’ digestive system. They also don’t let their children to eat outside food and drink water from a bottle. She will always tell you to wash your hands with soap and water before touching food. In general, they want the best for their children, so they care a lot about nutrition. They are concerned about what is healthy for you as well as what might lead to stomach problems or other health issues. Therefore, Assamese moms always have a good reason for what they say!

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