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10 Best Villas in Udaipur ( Updated List )

Villas In Udaipur

The Aravalli Hills make Rajasthan’s Udaipur a renowned tourist destination. Udaipur’s palaces, lakes, and culture make it a famous tourist destination. Udaipur is best enjoyed in a luxury villa retreat with personalised service. These homes provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the city’s regal aura and history.

Udaipur boasts various villa retreats, from the most luxurious to the most affordable, to meet each traveller’s needs. Views from these homes are spectacular, taking in scenic lakes, lush gardens, and famous monuments. Villa vacations may be tailored to fit each traveller’s needs and budget, with options ranging from luxurious mansions decorated in the style of old Rajasthan to quaint cottages.

This guide will review Udaipur’s top villa resorts, both luxury and budget, including their amenities, locations, and accessibility to attractions. This guide will help you book the perfect Udaipur villa for business or leisure, with family or friends, or alone.

List the best villas in Udaipur 

Where to stay Udaipur is a magical destination known for its five-star villa resorts. These homes provide a contemporary design with traditional Rajasthani hospitality and breathtaking scenery. The following are examples of excellent Udaipur villas:

The Oberoi Udaivilas 

The Oberoi Udaivilas is a world-famous house on Lake Pichola’s shores synonymous with luxury. Luxury suites are available there, with their pools, patios, and stunning lake views. The villa’s luxurious amenities, including a spa, gourmet restaurants, and attentive staff, make for a one-of-a-kind experience. The Oberoi Udaivilas’ standard villas cost Rs50,000 per night.

Hotel Taj Lake

The Taj Lake Palace, a magnificent mansion amid Lake Pichola, is renowned for its stunning design and construction. The estate has elegant rooms and suites, some of which have breathtaking lake views. Fine dining establishments, a spa, and a personal butler contribute to the hotel’s regal atmosphere. Taj Lake Palace’s standard rooms cost Rs.40000– Rs.60000 per night. 

Fateh Garh 

Fateh Garh is a house built in a traditional style that sits high above the city on a hill. The hotel has luxurious rooms and suites with breathtaking views of Udaipur. The villa’s infinity pool, spa, multi-cuisine restaurant, and eco-friendly design guarantee a peaceful and comfortable stay. Fateh Garh’s modest rooms cost Rs.20000- Rs.30000 per night. Suites cost Rs.50000 or more per night.

Udaipur’s Leela Palace 

Located on the shores of Lake Pichola, the Leela Palace Udaipur is a lovely mansion. Splendid rooms and suites are available, each with authentic Rajasthani furnishings. This property is fit for a king and queen, with its infinity pool, jacuzzi, many dining choices, and attentive staff. Basic rooms at Leela Palace Udaipur cost Rs.50000- Rs.60000 per night. Season, accommodation type, and availability affect prices. Exclusive suites might cost much more.

The Royal Army Academy School, Devigarh 

The Aravalli Hills are home to RAAS Devigarh, a beautiful mediaeval mansion. It has modern suites with panoramic views and high-end amenities. This estate’s spa, pool, organic cuisine, and cultural programmes highlight Rajasthan’s vibrant history and culture. The base accommodation category at RAAS Devigarh is Rs. 30000- Rs. 40000. Suites might cost Rs. 60000 or more per night.

Udaipur has many villas budget-friendly for vacations on a tighter budget.

The Palace of Lalit Laxmi Vilas 

Rooms and suites at the Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace are luxurious without breaking the bank. It has a swimming pool, a restaurant, and gorgeous grounds so visitors can have a relaxing and enjoyable stay without breaking the bank. The base room category at The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace is Rs.10000- Rs. 20000 per night. Suites cost Rs. 40000 or more per night.

The Ramada Resort & Spa, Udaipur 

The accommodations and villas of the Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa are comfortable and reasonably priced. The resort’s swimming pool, spa, restaurant, and breathtaking views of the Aravalli Hills make for a rejuvenating and reasonably-priced vacation.The standard accommodation category at Ramada Udaipur Resort & Spa costs Rs.8000-Rs.20000 per night. Suites cost Rs. 30000 or more per night.

The Resort at the Royal Retreat and Spa 

There are reasonably priced rooms in a beautiful setting at the Royal Retreat Resort & Spa. The resort’s plush accommodations, swimming pool, spa, and onsite dining options guarantee a relaxing and reasonably priced stay. The base accommodation category at Royal Retreat Resort & Spa costs Rs. 8000 – Rs. 30000 per night. Suites cost Rs.40000 or more per night.

The Resort on Jaisamand Island 

On a beautiful island in the middle of Jaisamand Lake is where you’ll find Jaisamand Island Resort. It’s perfect for ecotourists and frugal vacationers because of its reasonably priced accommodations, pool, restaurant, and recreational opportunities. Depending on hotel type, season, and availability, Jaisamand Island Resort rooms cost Rs.10000 to Rs. 30000 per night.

The Lakend Hotel

The accommodations of the Hotel Lakend are reasonably priced, and you get stunning views of the lake. The hotel has a rooftop bar, a restaurant, and an outdoor pool, making for a relaxing and affordable stay.Lakend Hotel’s standard rooms cost Rs. 10000- Rs.30000 per night. Lake-facing rooms, suites, and more upscale lodgings may cost Rs. 50000 per night.

How to Book a Villa in Udaipur: A Step-by-Step Guide

Udaipur’s regal charm and stunning beauty draw tourists. Udaipur is best enjoyed in a villa. Luxury accommodations, careful service, and a breathtaking environment make these villas memorable. Udaipur villa reservations:

Studying and Picking

Get started by looking at the various villa accommodations in Udaipur. You can check out their online profiles and customer reviews to find reliable villa rental agencies. Location, facilities, cost, and reviews from previous guests are all important considerations. Find the villas that fit your needs and price range.

Availability Analysis

Once you have a shortlist of possible villas, you may see whether they are available during your trip. Several villa rental websites allow you to check availability by entering your vacation dates. You may also find out about villa availability by directly calling or emailing the property.

Evaluate Costs and Features

Look around several villas and see what you can get for your money. Consider your vacation needs and budget about the villa’s square footage, number of bedrooms, amenities, and perks. Think about how much money you can spend and what facilities you need. You’ll be able to evaluate the cost and benefit more precisely.

The Villa Provider Can Be Reached At

Contact the villa provider after you’ve found a suitable property to discuss making a reservation. You may email them, call them, or use the contact form (if one is given) on their site to get in touch with them. Tell them when you’ll be visiting, how many others will be joining you, and if they can accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Reserve and Pay Confirmation

After finalising the terms of your stay, the villa provider will send you a confirmation email. The entire payment, as well as the dates of your stay and specifics about the villa, will be included in this confirmation. Check the guarantee to make sure the details are correct. various villa rental agencies may have multiple payment practices, such as requiring a sizeable down payment or full payment at the time of booking. To finish the payment procedure, please refer to the instructions given by the villa provider.

Policy Regarding Refunds and Cancellations

Learn the villa’s cancellation and refund policies before committing to a stay there. Plans may inevitably need to be adjusted or scrapped due to unforeseen events. You may make a better judgement and prevent any possible financial consequences if you know the cancellation policy.

Arrive and Enjoy

Arrive at the villa on your arrival day and complete the check-in process by the villa provider’s guidelines. Take advantage of the villa’s personalised service, high-end facilities, and prime location in Udaipur. Spend your time in Udaipur discovering its landmarks, sampling its food, and learning about its history.

Advantages of staying at the villa 

The pleasure of visiting Udaipur might be substantially enhanced by renting a villa during your stay there. Some of the main benefits of renting a villa are as follows:

Confidentiality and Uniqueness

The seclusion and freedom from others that a villa rental provides are two of the most appealing features. Villas are large, private homes that offer peace away from the madding mob. Perfect for those looking to spend quality time with family, significant others, or friends, there will be no distractions here.

Customised Interaction

The employees of a villa will make every effort to meet your every need throughout your visit. Enjoy the finest in personalised service, from private chefs to butlers. To provide a personalised experience, the staff may help plan activities, coordinate transportation, and cook special meals.

Homelike Accommodations

The villas are spacious and luxuriously appointed to ensure your every comfort. They often have many bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas, yards, and theatres or gaming rooms for amusement. With so much space, you can quickly kick back, unwind, and enjoy the luxury.

Temporary Residence

Vacationing in a villa is like being at a home away from home. Self-catering is a convenient and flexible option, and you can take advantage of this with fully-equipped kitchens, living rooms, and private utilities. The ambience here is much more casual and personal than traditional hotel stays.

Fantastic Scenery and Beautiful Places

Many Udaipur villas are situated so guests can take in stunning vistas of the city’s famous sights, beautiful lakes, or the surrounding landscape. It might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wake up to breathtaking views or watch a beautiful sunset from the privacy of your villa.

Freedom and adaptability

One of the best parts about renting a villa is the independence it provides. You can eat whenever you want, swim whenever you like, and do whatever you like at your own pace. Thanks to this adaptability, you can maximise your time in Udaipur and experience its sights and sounds.


Choosing to stay in a villa instead of a hotel during your trip to Udaipur may be a wonderful experience in and of itself. Villas provide several comforts that are hard to get in a hotel, like seclusion, privacy, individualised care, spaciousness, and a home-away-from-home atmosphere. Udaipur villas offer guests stunning vistas, one-of-a-kind settings, and genuine cultural immersion for a truly unforgettable vacation.

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