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All About Wuhan Coronavirus : Symptoms, Treatment , Latest News


Also known as Wuhan CoronaVirus, this virus is rapidly spreading all over the world, aiming Asia. Indians were immune to CoronaVirus until a shocking news shivered everyone.

CoronaVirus attack on India has been finally confirmed by the government. A Kerala student has been diagnosed with this virus in the Wuhan University by the World Health Organization. This is the first step of CoronaVirus into India. The student’s condition is stable and under control still the doctors and researchers have nothing to say about the unforeseen events that can follow. The Kerala student will be soon departed for India.

This news has shook everyone. CoronaVirus is a threat to humanity. Wait, is it? Do we even know what CoronaVirus is? Well, if you don’t, you are at the right place. You will find all the relevant information about CoronaVirus here. All you need to do is, SCROLL!

What is Wuhan CoronaVirus?

CoronaVirus got its name Wuhan CoronaVirus because it was first diagnosed in the Wihan University of China. It is believed that this virus started spreading its roots in there only.

Earlier when CoronaVirus was known to have attacked only birds and animals, now it has started to terrify the human beings too.

The very first attack of CoronaVirus on humans was diagnosed by Wuhan University of China. It was reported by them on December 31, 2019.

According to the research team, CoronaVirus directly attacks the Respiratory System of human beings followed by various chronic respiratory disorders which can even lead to death.

CoronaVirus shows its symptoms similar to those of common cold yet rarer like SERC and MARS. It may include coughing and sneezing. The researchers believe that CoronaVirus is communicable.

The first ever man to die from CoronaVirus belonged to Beijing, China. Followed by him, 213 deaths along with over 10,000 infection cases of CoronaVirus have been reported in China.

Where did CoronaVirus originate?

CoronaVirus was first diagnosed in a case of Wuhan University which gave this virus its name, Wuhan CoronaVirus. Various researchers are working on the patients to get deep into the cause and origin of CoronaVirus. What we know for sure is that this virus is Zoonotic by nature.

The rumours have it that CoronaVirus was first introduced through a local seafood market of Beijing. This market is known for the illegal selling of animal skin. The most common reason of CoronaVirus found out till now is the consumption of snakes.

According to recent studies, bats could be another reason for the spread of CoronaVirus. Since ages, Chinese people have been very fond of dishes made of bats. It is concluded that bats are the source of various other viruses so it is not wrong to blame them here too.

No one actually knows how CoronaVirus started to spread but all we know for sure is that this Virus belong to China, more specifically, Beijing and nearby areas. Continue research is going on for more specific information over the CoronaVirus.

How does this Virus attack Humans?

CoronaVirus is directly attacking the respiratory system in humans. This can also result in choking to death. Not much information on the attack is available as of now but what we have for sure is the communicable properties of CoronaVirus. Since this virus came from the consumption of some animals, this could also spread in different areas of the world.

Spreading of CoronaVirus

Most of the cases reported of CoronaVirus are from Wuhan and nearby areas. This means that the virus is communicable and it’s spreading its roots through direct or indirect contact.

There are various ways through which this virus can spread.

Here are a few listed:

  1. Consuming bats and snakes recently.

  2. Breathing the same air someone suffering from CoronaVirus or cold coughs or sneezes.

  3. Touching something that someone suffering from CoronaVirus touches.

  4. Direct contact with the person suffering from CoronaVirus.

There are various other ways by which one can catch CoronaVirus. More updates will be out soon.

Various countries including UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, France, United States, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Germany have become victims of CoronaVirus. Now, according to the case of Kerala, India is on the edge too.

Here is an updated list of all the countries with confirmed cases of CoronaVirus:

How harmful can CoronaVirus get?

As we already know that CoronaVirus attacks the human respiratory system, it is no doubt that death is inevitable.

Number of deaths caused by the attack of CoronaVirus is multiplying each day. This is not stopping because there is no cure as of now.

According to the recorded data, a total of 20000 patients are under the influence of CoronaVirus. They are being treated and researched by the World Health Organisation. All we can do is hope for better results.

How to maintain a distance from CoronaVirus and its attack?

A communicable virus can only be stopped by maintaining a distance from the suffers of it. Now that we know CoronaVirus is communicable, the only way is to be extra careful.

Covering your mouth using a mask in public places will be helpful in the present situation.

If you find someone around you sneezing, coughing or complaining about common cold, immediately take them to the nearby hospital for a test for CoronaVirus.

Treatment of CoronaVirus

Since the symptoms of CoronaVirus include the common cold and it’s formed, the treatment has to be the same way.

Here are some steps to get rid of CoronaVirus:

  1. Drink more and more water. Drinking fluids will keep the body immune and virus deficient.

  2. Peeing more will help your body get intoxicated.

  3. Rather than following the daily schedule, one must take rest. This will reduce the chances of spreading the virus and patient would have some rest too.

  4. Normally a pill used for the treatment of common cold can kill CoronaVirus. Although it is advisable to not use the pill if you are under the age of 19 year.

According to the researchers, CoronaVirus is easy to get rid of but what is stopping it from vanishing completely is the quickly spreading of this virus.

Everyday, flights of different nations are flying their people out of China.

Research on CoronaVirus is going on in Wuhan University. The World Health Organisation is not stopping until they get the desired results which includes the cause and treatment of CoronaVirus. As soon as we get more information, the site will be updated.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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