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Seeing Dead Person in Dream Hindu

Why do they appear in your dream?

So a dead relative paid you a visit while you were sound asleep huh? This phenomena has no name but is pretty common. To speak practically and to give a scientific reason for the cause, the culprit here is your subconscious mind. Yes, maybe you are as sharp as you think. The human mind is limitless and its potential runs as deep as the Pacific Ocean. To put it simply, it is just your mind telling you to get your things straight. But why like this? Right? The answer is fear. The human species has a tendency to obey in the illusion of fear rather than the intention of respect. Your subconscious knows this and plays you like a fiddle. It appears as a ghost of a known dead person who was close to you because first of all, ghosts are supposed to be scary and the person is just a special effect to instruct and make you obey.

Why do they contact you?

A dead person basically appears in a dream as a warning or a message to a person. It usually makes the person known, what the subconscious predicts which it can’t when the person is wide awake. So, the brain is like, “Hey kiddo, not to scare you or anything but there might or might not be things that you should or should not be worried about, so heads up because I got a gut feeling. Bye”. And the dream ends making you automatically scared and worried about what just happened to you. Instead of this psychological approach, we can also look at it from a paranormal lens, which will literally make it more scary and worrisome. If a dead relative or friend appears to you in a dream and all of a sudden you wake up because you got scared, don’t be! Well, there are various reasons that you had that dream but one thing for sure is that there is no ghost of that person so you better read ahead to know what your dream means.

You are guilty of something.

Maybe, there is something that you are feeling about that person that bugs you like an itch that you can’t scratch. Maybe there is something you are subconsciously feeling guilty about, like something that you could have done for that person when he or she was alive. Maybe you are indirectly blaming yourself for the death of that person. For example, you wish you could have been there when they needed you or maybe you wish that you could have talked to that person to get them out of that situation or maybe you could have interrupted somehow to change the events. Listen, it is not your fault, so don’t punish yourself. What happened has happened, now the only thing you can do to let these dreams disappear is, wish that their soul may rest in peace and they find happiness in the new world. So try to be relaxed and less stressed about the dream and more importantly don’t be too hard on yourself, more or less be less worried because your loved ones are always watching over you.

They are here as your well-wisher

Many times there will be future events which would be great for you and also life turning. But sometimes, there will be incidents that will put you in grave danger. That can also be the reason why your loved one is visiting you and hinting you; to be aware and cautious regarding something. The warning may as well be about an object, activity, job or person. No matter what, family sticks like glue and they care about you even if they have begun their journey of Afterlife, they are always looking out for you. So, what should you do? Try to make sense of their message and hints. Be relaxed and less stressed about the dream and more importantly don’t be too hard on yourself, more or less be less worried because your loved ones are always watching over you.

They need your help

Maybe they died in an accident and the death was inevitable and because of this, their soul is still wandering in this world. They need your help to move on from this limbo that they are stuck into the next awaiting life. What you could do is go visit the place where their death occurred with flowers and candles. Try to pray for their soul to be set free from this life. There are things that used to be really intimate to your loved one and that is acting as a chain that is keeping them tied to this world. You find those belongings and burn them in rock salt and lighter fluid. If there is something they want to tell someone but can’t reach them. Do that. Maybe they want to pass some message before going on.

How can we help the deceased soul?

Listen to them. Think of all the above-mentioned conditions, if anyone fits for your deceased soul, you know what to do. Help their soul connect to the other world. Bring peace to them and yourself. They know only you can do it and that is the reason why they are interacting with you as a hope that will set them free. Be concerned regarding their need and requirement to be free. Help them in any way possible.

Is it normal to dream about dead people?

Yes. It is normal to dream about people who have left this world who were close to you and it doesn’t matter when they passed away. It may as well be because you are thinking about them recently or you miss them and feel the need to talk to them. Or maybe they feel the same for you and want to get in touch with you and may need your help regarding something important. It is pretty normal so don’t worry about it, rather pray for them and celebrate the time and memories that they had in this world.

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