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international nurses day

In every industry, there are supporters who help leaders in taking their country forward by helping them in many ways. And each there, a day comes when we celebrate a specific day by thanking them to make the society. Like there is women’s day, international men’s day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and international nurse day and more.

Presently, the world is fighting with the corona virus and our nurses are helping their doctors to treat the COVID patients’ day in and day out. A big salute to all our nurses to be a part of this big battle and it is a fact that without nurses, it would not have been this much easy for doctors to fight with COVID – 19 alone.

When is International Nurse Day in 2022?

The international nurse day 2022 will be celebrated on 12th May 2022 of each year. On this day, we say thanks to all the nurses who follow the instructions of their doctors and help them in saving lives.

Why International Nurse Day is Celebrated?

Since the year 1965, the International Council of Nurses are celebrating this day. In the year 1953, Dorothy Sutherland, who was working with the Department of Health in United States of America, announced that Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was the President proclaims the “Nurse Day”, but unfortunately, at that time he did not approved the proposal.

Later, on 12th May 1974, he decided to celebrate the day as Florence Nightingale’s anniversary day who was the founder of the nursing world. Since then the ICN has been celebrating this day and on this day, they distribute the kit to nurses that includes all the necessary information that can be used by nurses.

So, on this day, if you have anyone in your life who works as a nurse, then you can send them international nurse day 2022 inspirational messages and make them feel special and how important they are for the medical world.

Not only messages, you can also exchange happy international nurse day messages and quotes with you friends who are also working as a nurse or you can even appreciate yourself.

Let’s checkout which are some of the lovable messages you can send:

Happy International Nurse Day 2022 Images with Quotes in English:

happy international nurses day

1). Sending warm wishes on Nurse Day to the most amazing nurse in the world…. You are truly making this world a better place to live in by offering your services….. You are a role model for all of us to be kind to patients and be ready to help them…. Happy Nurse Day to you.

2). Dear nurse, wishing you a very Happy Nurse Day…. You are the reason that some many people fight their illness and recover healthy and happy…. You are the reason for so many happy faces going back home…. You are the reason for many as you give them hopes to live!!!

3). Every day you make someone smile…. You help someone come out of the pain…. You make a difference to someone’s life….. Sending best wishes on Nurse Day to you for you are a source of inspiration and happiness for many patients and their families…. Happy Nurse Day.

4). Being a nurse is a blessing but offering unconditional services to patients is your karma…. And you my dear nurse is a role model for everyone as you have always been selfless in giving the best of the services and helping patients recover….. Wishing you Happy International Nurse Day.

5). You don’t just help patients heal physically but you also help them become stronger individuals with strong mind…. It is your magic that makes you an amazing person and the most wonderful nurse…. Sending best wishes to you on Nurse Day my kind nurse.

Nurse Day Messages in Hindi:

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