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Harnaaz Sandhu Detailed Biography | Miss Universe 2021

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India is a country where there is no limit of amazing talents. India is behind only in terms of giving the right platform to the people where they can show their hidden talent to the world, and convert their dreams into reality. However, there are some fortunate people like Harnaaz Sandhu who got an opportunity to share what they have with the world. Harnaaz Sandhu conquered the crown of Miss. Universe 2021

Harnaaz’s pictures have been shared all across the world, and the beauty queen is in the limelight for stealing all the hearts with her beautiful persona, and the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more is flooded with her pictures and videos in which she is seen with a crown on her head. People see success, they don’t know the struggle that these talented people do to reach at a certain level, right? So, here, we are going to tell you who Harnaaz Sandhu is, and how she achieved her dream of becoming Miss. Universe 2021. 

Harnaaz Sandhu is a 21 years old girl who gifted the Miss Universe 2021 crown to her country India. The crown is won by the country India after 21 years, and the whole country is going head over heels because of this happiness. 

When she was announced as the Miss. Universe 2021, she expressed her happiness, and shared her gratitude by shouting “Chakk De Phatte India” with the trophy in hands, and a big smile on her face followed by the crown. The audience was cheering her with applause. 

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Harnaaz Sandhu Biography:

Born and brought up in Chandigarh, Harnaaz Sandhu always wanted to be a part of the modeling industry. She did her schooling and graduation from Punjab, and then instantly joined the fashion industry. Her charm was so powerful that she even got an opportunity to play roles in Punjabi movies like Bai Ji Kuttange and Yaara Diyan Poo Baran.

Apart from being a model, she is also working as an advocate who fights for women rights and she has been a big fan of Priyanka Chopra since her childhood. Her hobbies include dancing, cooking, horse riding, and many more. 

In the year 2000, Lara Dutta Bhupati won the crown of Miss Universe, and now after 21 years, Harnaaz Sandhu became the 3rd beautiful woman who is currently wearing the crown of this label. As said, she was always into the modeling industry, she began walking on the ramp in her teenage only, and she made her place in the industry by winning various titles such as Miss Max Emerging Star, and Miss Chandigarh in the year 2017 and 2018. 

Talking about the demographics of Harnaaz, she is having a fair complexion and has been gifted 5 feet 9 inches height which is considered as a very good height in the modeling world. She is so beautiful that it seems like she was born to be a supermodel. 

What is Harnaaz Sandhu’s Qualification?

Harnaaz has completed her schooling from the Shivalik Public School located in Chandigarh. After schooling, she joined the Government college of Girls and completed her college by doing a 4 years bachelors course in the Information Technology field. 

She was a good, and intelligent student, and always scored good in examinations. Even her parents were quite proud of her, and they always supported her to live her dreams. 

Harnaaz Sandhu’s Family and Religion:

Harnaaz Sandhu was born on 3rd March 2000 to a Punjabi Sikh family where she was brought up with lots of love, and support. We have all the information that can be added in Harnaaz Sandhu Wikipedia. She is not only beautiful from outside, but by heart as well she is a very kind person who believes in spreading love and positivity. She is a nature-lover, and loves to be surrounded by her family members.

During her childhood, Harnaaz used to work with her mother at multiple health centers where women who were suffering from menstrual problems were treated, and educated as well. Her mother is Dr. Rabinder Kaur Sandhu and her father Pritampal Singh Sandhu work in the real estate domain. 

Now as the Miss Universe 2021, you will findless an endless Harnaaz Sandhu pic on different platforms. We wish her all the best for all her future endeavors and may she get all that she wishes for. 

You can follow Harnaaz Sandhu’s instagram account here : @harnaazsandhu_03

Wrapping Up!

You might be thinking that her journey to become Miss Universe was an easy one, but we cannot decide that based on assumptions as we were not in her shoes. She might have faced many challenges, and she has to take care of every word that she says, and how she behaves with her mentors and public. The happiness of winning was sparkling in her eyes, and from that we can say how far she has came. 

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