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Beej Mantras for Surya Namaskar | Step by Step Images

Beej Mantras for Surya Namaskar

If you are a health freak and want to keep your body at its healthiest form, then it is important to live a healthy, and disciplined life. Still don’t know how to achieve that? Can’t decide between the gym or yoga? In that condition, you are in the right place.

Here we are going to discuss the various forms of the yoga and they have a significance of awesomeness in the world. As such, performing yoga asanas can be physically, mentally, and spiritually beneficial.

Surya namaskar is one of the most common and performed worldwide asana. Surya namaskar is the sun or sun salutation process in which a set of 12 – 14 asanas are incorporated. It is said that if the sun salutation if performed with the sun salutation mantras, it can be highly beneficial and can truly connect the mind and body to the higher energy.

There are certain beej mantras for Surya namaskar corresponding to each asana. A proper concentration is required while performing beej mantras for Surya Namaskar because it is very important to have a synchronized posture, breath and chanting of mantras simultaneously.

While performing sun salutation mantras, complete devotion is necessary.

What is beej mantras for surya namaskar?

Beej mantra is a Vedic seed mantra which are the core mantras graced with the great spiritual powers. Time after time, they are called the beej which translates as seed. It is believed that when beej mantras are recited with utmost concentration, they hold the tendency of fulfilling the desires of devotees and act as a protective shield surrounding and protecting them from all the bad energies.

So, are you ready to know which are the Surya Namaskar Beej Mantra with meaning? We have pointed down the Traditional Surya Namaskar with mantras and breathing pattern:

1. Salutation Position:

This is the first and foremost asana, and to perform this asana, stand straight with hand joined in front of the chest, and try to breathe normally in a restful manner.


Om Mitrayo Namah (ओममित्रायनमः):

Prostration to the one who is affectionate to all

2. Raised arms position:

In this asana, breathe in and lift your hand in an upward direction and back and keep your hands close to your ears. The core motto is to stretch the body from top to bottom.


Om Ravaye Namah (ओमरवयेनमः):

Prostration to the one who is the cause for change

3.Hand to foot position:

In this position, exhale as you try to reach feet with your hands while keeping your spine erect. Aim for touching the feet if not, then push yourself as much as you can, if you are able to reach your foot at first then it is okay.


Om Suryaya Namah (ओमसूर्यायनमः):

Prostration to the one who induces activity

4. Equestrian pose:

Breathe in, in this asana push back your right leg in the backward direction as far as possible. After that touch the right knee to the floor and lookup. Keep one thing in mind that your left foot should be exactly between the palms.


Om Bhanave Namah(ओमभानवेनमः):

Prostration to the one who diffuses light

5.Mountain pose:

In this pose, exhale, try to keep your waist up while hands and knees touching the floor. Try to make a shape like a mountain.


Om  Khagaya Namah (ओमखगायनमः):

Prostration to the one who moves in the sky

6. Eight limbs position:

Keep your knees down on the floor and breathe out. Now move the hips back slightly, followed by a forward slide, then rest your chin and chest on the floor and then rise up a little bit.

This asana is known as eight limbs position, due to the eight parts of the body used: two hands, two knees, two feet, chest, and chin.


Om Pusne Namah (ओमपुसनेनमः):

Prostration to the one who nourishes all.

7. Cobra position:

In this asana move forward and raise your chest in an upward direction with your elbows bent and shoulder apart from the ears. While performing this asana, breathe in and push your chest forward, then breathe out and gently make an effort to push to naval down.


Om hiranyagarbhaya Namah (ओमहिरण्यगर्भायनमः):

Prostration to the one who contains everything

8. Downward facing dog position:

As the name suggests, lift the hips and tailbone in an upward direction while making an inverted “V” shape pose. Try to breathe out while performing this asana.


Om Maricaye Namah (ओममरिचयेनमः):

Prostration to the one who possesses ray

After the 8th pose, the pose is repeated again in a backward direction starting from the 9th pose as Equestrian pose then followed by Hand to foot position, Raised arm position, and at last Salutation position.

Though the pose is repeated but the Beeg mantras are not. Here are the rest of the mantras for the rest of the asanas.

9. Equestrian pose:


Om Adityaya Namah(ओमआदित्यायनमः):

Prostration to the one who is the God of gods

10. Hand to foot position:


Om Savitre Namah (ओमसवित्रेनमः):

Prostration to the one who produces everything

11. Raised hand position:


Om Arkaya Namaha (ओमअर्कायनमः):

Prostration to the one who is fit to be worshipped

12. Salutation position:


Om Bhaskaraya Namah (ओमभास्करायनमः):

Prostration to the one who is the cause of lustre

Tip and trick about, how to remember Surya namaskar mantras:

  • Try to memorize each and every mantra.
  • Once memorized then memorize the sequence
  • After the sequence and mantra part is complete then comes the simple solution, learn the initials of all the 12 mantras.

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Surya Namaskar is the oldest and most effective exercising routine which is still at large. Performing the traditional Surya Namaskar with mantra can be extremely beneficial for you.
While chanting Beeg mantra, one can feel a sense of relief and a lower level of anxiety. Stay healthy!

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