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Top Alternatives to 59 banned Chinese apps in India - List

Alternatives to 59 Chinese Apps

We all are well aware of the fact that the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps in our country. Although this app ban was brought into force once as well but did not work out this good this time, as you all can see, these 59 apps stopped working overnight.

Why India banned 59 Chinese Apps?

Recently the Chinese army attacked out Indian soldiers and some of them were martyred. The sad part is that no one cries over the Martyrs but the Chinese apps which were collecting our user data and feeding it to their government. Under what circumstances do we let this continue? As soon as the government realised this, it banned 59 most used Chinese apps by us Indians.

Not only did these apps steal our user data, but also earned from these apps and it only strengthened their country’s economy.

One small step by the Indian government could mean a lot to the family of our Martyr soldiers. It’s our time to learn and cooperate with the government in this decision.

It’s sad to realise that 50 to 70 per cent of our Indian population was dependent on these Chinese applications which is why we are having a hard time coping up with the ban.

To ease your problems, we are here with a little substitution solution for all your needs. In this article, you will read about the 59 Chinese apps banned by the Indian government and what instead can be used.

Here is a grouped list of all the banned Chinese applications with their substitution applications:

Club Factory, Shein and Romwe – Alternatives

Very affordable shopping apps like Club Factory, Shein and Romwe(Shein’s sister site) were banned under the shopping category. We know that these were super affordable and provided a so-so quality of products. Here, to get over shopping issues, we have

  • Myntra,
  • Amazon India,
  • Lulu and Sky,
  • Street Style Store and
  • Missa more.

Happy Shopping!

Xender and Shareit Alternatives

Next very valuable banned Chinese apps fall under the category of the file transfer. These include Shareit and Xender. Ever since the ban, everyone is in a rush to find a substitute and no one really has found it. Almost everyone with a smartphone has used these apps for file transfer. Don’t worry, we have a solution.

  • Google Files Go is all you need to get over the fuzz. Just install this application in your smartphones and you are good to go. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t let any pop-ups disturb your working.

Tiktok, Like, Helo, We Chat- Alternatives

Chinese apps banned under the category of social media broke the hearts of millions. These apps include Tiktok, Kawai, Likee, Helo, We Chat and Weibo. Some alternative applications for these Chinese apps are

  • WhatsApp,
  • Hike,
  • Instagram,
  • Snapchat,
  • Chingari,
  • Roposo and
  • Sharechat.

These apps are super powerful and come with various interesting features. Give them a try and thank us later.

Vault-Hide File Management Alternative

Vault-Hide is the only Chinese app falling under the category of file management. The only alternative for this application is

  • Google Files Go.

UC Broswer, DU Browser – Internet Browsers Alternative

Another most used Chinese app category is that of Internet Browsers. Apps falling under this category are the UC Browser, DU Browser, CM Browser and APUS Browser.

Good replacements for these apps are

  • Google Chrome,
  • Opera Mini,
  • Firefox and
  • Mozilla.

Baidu Map App Alternatives

Baidu Map is the only app that got banned under the maps category and the substitution is Google Maps. It is easy to use and access.

Cam Scanner, Parallel Space, Beauty Plus, YouCam Makeup – Alternatives

A large number of Chinese apps got banned under the category of device utility. These apps are DU Battery Saver, YouCam makeup, Mi Community, Virus Cleaner, Beauty Plus, SelfieCity, Parallel Space, WeSync, ES File Explorer, DU Recorder, Cache Cleaner DU App studio, DU Cleaner, Cam Scanner, Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile, Baidu Translate, QQ Security Center, QQ Launcher and DU Privacy.

Some very good alternative apps to use in place of these are :

  • Adobe Scan,
  • Snapchat,
  • G Cam,
  • Open Camera,
  • Reddit,
  • Mcafee AntiVirus,
  • Dual Apps,
  • Multiple App Cloner,
  • Google Files Go,
  • AZ Screen Recorder,
  • Microsoft Office Lens,
  • Google Translate,
  • Microsoft Translate and
  • Microsoft Launcher.

Chinese Games Alternatives

Various Chinese apps got banned under the Games category. These apps are Mobile Legends, Hogo and Clash of Kings. Some very popular and high graphic games to play instead of these are Ludo King, Candy Crush Saga, PubG Mobile and Call of Duty.

UC News, News Dog Alternatives

Some apps under the News category also got banned. These apps are UC News, News dog and QC Newsfeed. Good replacements for these apps are Inshorts, Google News and Flipboard.

WeChat, QQ International – Messaging App Alternatives

We Chat and QQ International got banned under the category of instant messaging but we have the instant solution to this problem. These apps are WhatsApp, Telegram and Hike.

Chinese Email App Alternatives

QQ mail and Mail Master are the two Chinese emailing apps which can be replaced by Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Outlook.

Chinese Music Apps Alternatives

Under the music category, only one application got banned titled QQ Music. This can be easily replaced by VLC Media Player, Wynk, Gaana, Saavn and MX Player.

Vigo Video, Vmate, Bigo Live – Alternatives

Various apps including Bigo Live, Viva Video – QU Video Inc, Vigo Video, New Video Status, Vmate, U Video and V fly Status Video got banned under the video-sharing category. Some good replacements for these applications are Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram Igtv.

Meitu, Photo Wonder – Chinese Camera Apps Alternatives

We had been using some good camera apps to get that perfect shot without realising that we were strengthening the Chinese. These apps are Sweet Selfie, Meitu, Photo Wonder and Wonder Camera. Now, to replace these, we have Microsoft Office Lens, Adobe Scan, Snapchat, G Cam, Open Camera, YouTube and Instagram IGTV.

Mi Video Call alternative app

Last but not least. One application got banned under the Communication Category titled Mi Video Call which is mainly for Xiaomi phones. To get over this, try using Google Duo. It’s easy and simple. Also, Google Duo is not limited to Xiaomi users. Anyone can use it.

These were all the 59 applications that the Indian government banned recently. We hope you help the country with this great decision. Without the help of citizens, no decisions can work. Banning Chinese apps is the first step to Boycott China. Let’s get this working together.

Hope this article helped you through this tough time.

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