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  • Updated on September 11, 2020

Reliance JIO Glass | Everything you need to know

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With the augmentation of virtual reality, it was clear that in the near future there will be technologies that will enable you to be wherever you want with the tap of a finger.

For instance, you want to attend a meeting but are not able to physically be there, create a holographic video, and portray it to the audience, that will do it. But to make a virtual reality of people in real time was a bit a far stretch to humankind.

Some thought this is just an ambitious dream and it cannot be true, but some remained determined in order to meet the uncanny challenge.

What was the end result of it? We might have managed to grab a potential technology that can change the way we work.

Before any further due, let us dive in and jump right to it. JIO GLASS, a revolutionary product by the Reliance industries limited has managed to invent a virtual reality and fully-functional wearable glass which can provide you a mixed reality in order to meet the standard of virtual meeting more approachable.

Reliance Jio launches Jio Glass, its first smart glasses to take ...
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How Jio Glass Works?

One might ask, so how does this JIO GLASS works? Well, the answer to that and if put bluntly then the JIO GLASS simply created a stage where the users will be able to create a 3D virtual reality room. In that virtual room, many other users can join and can conduct a class or even a conference (depending on the requirement).

These JIO glasses enable the user to create a holographic image of the self, showcase graphs, presentation, and various other activities very easily in a virtual room. Despite these claims by the company, it is obvious that many would not be able to digest such advancement unless and until they don’t see these for themselves.

Thus, to ease their thoughts and for a quick demonstration, Kiran Thomas, the president of Reliance industries limited came on stage wearing the JIO Glass and said, “Hello Jio, please call Aakash and Isha”.

With this command, the Jio Glass connected a call with Aakash and Isha Ambani.

Aakash took advantage of owning the Jio Glass appeared in his 3D avatar while on the other hand, Isha joined the call using a 2D interface.

Despite the difference, they both appeared and were visible to Thomas in the virtual room.

After the demonstration of the glasses during the AGM, he said and quote, “Jio Glass is at the at the cutting edge of technology that provides best-in-class Mixed Reality services to give users a truly meaningful immersive experience.”

Jio Glass weighs about 75 grams and in initial days, the glass would be able to connect with the phone via the traditional wire. Apart from this, the franchise will also be releasing a set of software in order to meet the requirements of the augmented reality of the video meeting, games and many more.


In a nutshell, JIO GLASS is a kind of technology that will definitely make the heads turn and will surely have the potential of changing the course of meet and greet in the near future. We can only be patient and wait for its packaging and distribution for the masses many began shortly and it gets available for purchase in India and around the globe soon enough.

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