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  • Updated on June 28, 2022

Rambai: 100m race winner sets a true example


You must have heard, “AGE is just a NUMBER” but at some point in time we tend to overlook this. But, now here we have one more example who with her actions has again set this quote as an example of all the age groups that age doesn’t really matter when you have the will, determination and perseverance to achieve the goals you set. So, here you have the mystery name, Rambai. Wondering, who is Rambai? Read the blog ahead to get all your queries solved within a glimpse.

Overview to who is Rambai?

In Vadodara, 105 year old Rambai has won a 100 m race, becoming the oldest person in the world to do so. This is an incredible achievement, not just for her but for the city of Vadodara and for India as a whole. Rambai is an inspiration to people of all ages, proving that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. Her win has brought joy to the city and has shown that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Record of Rambai set, a step towards excellence

Rambai, a runner from Vadodara, has set a new record in the 100m race at the National Open Masters Athletics Championships in Vadodara, Gujarat. She clocked a time of 45.40 seconds to win the race, breaking the previous record of 74 seconds. This is a remarkable achievement for Rambai, who is a 100 year old woman. She has been training hard for the past few months and her dedication has paid off with this record-breaking performance. Thus, a glorious moment for the entire country for seeing a woman proudly proclaiming the life of her dreams and aspirations.

Rambai earlier won gold in 200m race: Cover complete story

Rambai, 200 m race winner an old yet the most energetic sprinter, earlier won gold in the 200m race proving to be of great importance to her and the women around. This was her first big win and it immediately put her on the radar of the country’s fittest lady. She has been seen quoting that in the younger phase she didn’t got the adequate opportunities but now with the passage of time she has found her way out to the things she loves the most.

Now, at the age of 105, Rambai is set to compete in her big victory. She is one of the favorites to win gold in the 200m race and she will be looking to make a big splash on the world stage!

With her recent win at the, Rambai has shown that she has the potential to be a world-class sprinter. She has the speed and the determination to win, and she will be looking to make her mark on the hearts of all the people who do not do a particular thing just because they aren’t young. She clearly justifies that there is no right or wrong age to achieve and have a life of our dreams and fulfill our aspirations.

Rambai eating habits

Rambai, who won the 100m race in Vadodra, is fit because she eats a healthy diet and exercises regularly. Her granddaughter said that Rambai is an inspiration to her and other women in her community. Rambai’s diet consists of milk, ghee and curd together with vegetables, and whole grains.

Rambai’s granddaughter furthermore added that her fitness is all a mix of her food and diet patterns and particularly of being very concise of eating habits.

Inspiration and motivation factor within Rambai 100 m race winner

Thus, considering fitness to be the ultimate goal and part and parcel of her life she thinks that a fit person has the potential to win any battle of life. Her thinking abilities and keen learning attitude has made every lady of India proud today. At the same time, she is nothing less than a motivation for individuals who think that they are not good to go for an activity or a task because of any misconception or myth already set!

With her interviews at various media channels she was seen putting forth her standard on why fitness is important and how people can achieve the true sense of fitness and include in their everyday regime. Cherry on top is how she motivates the women strata to move and step ahead of the four walls of their house and do everything they ever aspired of.

The bottom line

Rambai, 100m race winner, is the heart winner of people. She has won the hearts of people with her hard work and dedication. She is a role model for other young girls. With her victory, she has shown that anything is possible if you work hard for it. She is an inspiration to us all.

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