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Best Earphones For Gaming Under 500 - Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Earphones For Gaming Under 500

Are you hunting for the Best earphones for gaming under 500 ? Then you should read this piece of article before beginning your search online. 

Regardless of the genre of games, a dedicated gaming earphone or headphone can enhance your playing experience. 

Otherwise, you cannot hear the fine details. It gets hard to coordinate with your friends while playing popular games like BGMI or PUBG. So, buying the Best Earphones for BGMI under 500 is essential. 

There are various aspects to consider before buying gaming earphones under 500 in India. A separate gaming earphone will provide you with competitive benefits in multiplayer games. So we will take you through the checklist of efficient gaming earphones. But before that, let’s know why you must have separate earphones for gaming. 

Why Do You Need To Buy A Separate Gaming Earphone?

Audio plays a significant role in stimulating the world of gaming. It lets you indulge entirely in the game while making distractions disappear. It enables you to detect enemies beforehand in multiplayer games like BGMI and pubg. 

You must be wondering if buying a gaming earphone will be a good investment. Although we have set the budget at 500 rupees, you must spend your money wisely. So we have combined all the reasons for purchasing a gaming earphone for you. Let’s take a look. 

●    Obstructing External Noise 

The importance of external noise blocking is something a gamer knows very well. So, this point comes first as it holds much importance. 

One does not like to hear the sound from a nearby TV or console while playing a game. It gets annoying and will eventually make you lose concentration in the game. You cannot always turn down the outside noises. So, you should focus on the noise cancellation feature of your earphones. 

You must purchase dedicated Top-rated gaming earphones for bgmi under 500 INR. It automatically hinders outside noises and builds your focus on gaming. Many studio earphones do not possess noise cancellation quality. So, you need to purchase a separate gaming earphone for that. 

●    Superior Sound Quality 

Let’s face it, earphones designed for gaming provide much better sound quality than studio earphones. Online games now require you to move or act on a much quicker level. The accurate and precise movements often rely on various audio queues. So, you must ensure to have a superior sound throughout the game. 

A gaming earphone improves your game to the next level. It lets you react to your enemies much faster than your competitors. Online games now feature some lightning-fast effects that you can only enjoy with a dedicated gaming earphone.

The regular earphones or headphones you use for social media or listening to music cannot suffice the need for games. Gaming headphones come with both surround sound and stereo sound. This quality is necessary, especially in multiplayer games like PUBG and BGMI. It allows you to listen to sharp details with high-level crisp sound quality. 

●    Communicating with Teams

Another reason to purchase the best headphones for bgmi under 500 is team communication.

It is very crucial to communicate with your team while playing. A little bit of delay in sending your team a message can make you lose the entire game. 

That’s why good gaming earphones come with an efficient mic. It lets you coordinate with your team quickly and ensures quick decision-making. M any studio earphones come with a mic for hands-free calling. However, the built-in mic in a gaming earphone differs from a standard earphone. It has a more excellent quality to capture your sound and convey it to others much faster. 

Now, let’s focus on the main segment of this article. 

Best earphones for gaming under 500 Buying Guide

Things to consider before buying cheap earphones for gaming purpose.

Audio is immensely vital whether you are playing a racing or shooting game. Multiplayer online games like BGMI and pubg demand some specific audio qualities your earphone must-have. So you must look for some aspects while choosing the best gaming earphones for bgmi under 500 rupees. 

To purchase a terrific gaming earphone, you need to consider these things mentioned below – 

Build Quality 

Build Quality is the first thing to consider while buying the Best headphones for bgmi under 500. You must ensure that your earphones have a superior build quality to make your investment long-lasting. If you like headphones, make sure to buy a lightweight design because heavier designs will not be comfortable to wear for long. 

Your gaming earphones should feel sturdy in your hands. You must ensure buying it from a reputed brand to know its quality. All the top-rated gaming earphones for bgmi under 500 INR are plastic. But the quality of the plastic differs. 

If you buy your gaming earphone from a high-quality brand, you know that they will last you long. A good build quality makes your earphones sturdy and flexible at the same time. So you can adequately roll it up and take it with you anywhere you go. 

Sound Quality 

Both pubg and BGMI demand you to follow specific sound queues. These sound effects can significantly impact your performance. If you cannot hear particular sound queues, you might not be able to play well. And that will later determine whether you lose or win. 

So the noise isolation feature is another essential aspect you must consider before buying a gaming earphone. It makes you capable of hearing all the directional sounds. On the other hand, a gaming earphone’s quality also depends on its stereo and surround sound. 

The best earphones for pubg under 500 must deliver a high-quality sound. If you buy them from a store, don’t forget to try them. In the case of online purchases, rely on extensive online research with customer reviews. 

Noise Isolation 

As mentioned before, noise cancellation is one of the primary qualities of a dedicated gaming earphone. This feature makes you concentrate on the game better by blocking outside noises as no one likes to hear horrible traffic sounds or TV while playing. 

Best gaming earphones for bgmi under 500 rupees usually come with two kinds of noise isolation: active noise cancellation and passive noise cancellation. Active noise-canceling headphones fall under the expensive side. They include superior technology which filters out background sounds. 

On the contrary, headphones with passive noise cancellation offer a cheaper solution. They utilize a unique physical design for canceling outside noises. Headphones with thick padding and a closed-back can passively block background noises. 

Preferred Platform

Considering your favorite platform for playing games is vital to choose gaming earphones. It means that you must know to which platform you will be connecting your headphones. 

Best headphones for bgmi under 500 usually come with a 3.5 mm jack. This size suits your mobile phone and pc. You should go for the 3.5 mm connection to use any of your favorite platforms. It works exceptionally well with your mobile phones and PCs. 

On the other hand, Gaming consoles require more headphone features and several connectivity options. So, if you use any gaming console, your headphones should be specific to it. 

Wired or Wireless Connection

We know the effortless use of wireless earphones for calling. You like to groove around with music or enjoy a hands-free experience while making a call. It lets you do other things while communicating over a call. 

However, professional gamers prefer a wired connection. They prefer wired gaming headphones for several reasons. It lowers the chances of any audio delay, which affect the performance. And gamers don’t need to multitask while playing. So the wireless connection is not a necessary lookout for them. 

But choosing a wireless or wired connection solely depends on your preference. You can also buy the best gaming earphones for bgmi under 500 rupees with both types of connectivity. It will work effectively for your game and your work calls. 

Microphone Consideration

Buying an earphone with an inbuilt mic can never go wrong. It is an excellent decision to avoid facing troubles in online gaming. 

Any multiplayer game requires timely communication among team players. To plan and target your enemies better, you must be able to talk to other team members. 

The best earphones for pubg under 500 have a built-in microphone to support team communication during gameplay. After your fantastic gaming session, you can also use the earphones with a mic for calling purposes. So you don’t have to make a separate purchase. 

Final Thoughts

Like many things in life, you will get what you pay for when it comes to gaming earphones. But, to make a good purchase with a budget of 500 rupees, you must read this article thoroughly. We have shown you correctly listed points you must check before buying your gaming headphones. So, we expect you to consider all the detailed aspects while buying Gaming earphones under 500 in India

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