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Best Trimmer for men under Rs.1000 in 2022

best trimmer for men under 1000

Every person desires to maintain a well-trimmed and manicured beard that will substantially boost their glamor. For some maintaining a beard can be the perfect way of having an outshining persona, but comes in hand is the attached responsibility to maintain it. 

So, if you are tired of searching which is the best trimmer under 1000 for men, we are here to help you with the same, in the most reliable form ever. And this is not the only thing this article will help you at, but, the list unveils, what brand of trimmer is best in India? Hence, making the process of finding the finest trimmer much more easier. Hence, what are you waiting of, read the list ahead as it puts forth the index of choicest trimmers to buy. Buy trimmer under 1000 in India, and rock the floor with your perfect look, your chance to set the stage on fire comes here. Stay groomed with the best trimmers available in the country. 

Top rated trimmer for men under 1000

So, to help you pick out the best trimmer amongst tons available in the market, the list below furnishes your requirements, with a proper description, to strengthen your decision. 

Panasonic ER-GB30K Men’s Battery Operated Trimmer

Panasonic is another well-known shaving trimmer manufacturer, with numerous excellent devices offered in a variety of pricing categories. If you’re on a limited budget? Would you like to pay less while getting more out of your commodity? The Panasonic ER-GB30K is the greatest choice offered to customers, owing to its great quality and productivity offered in a sum of just some bucks.

The trimmer is a bright black colour with a basic structure that allows customers to grasp it precisely. Coming with a 45° tip, you get superb accuracy shaving. As contrasted to comparable options on the market, it requires lesser time to completely recharge. The functions are perfectly matched and expanded, allowing the trimmer to offer consumers considerably superior.


  1. Less time to get charged 
  2. Budget friendly 


  1. Length of 0.5 – 18 mm 

Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer

The Nova NHT-1071 is the simplest and most inexpensive trimmer device in our reviews owing to a number of reasons. It is a highly handy and famous trimmer. However, one who has used it would not think it ineffective or inferior to many of the greatest trimmers on the marketplace, just because it is cheap. Nova has added amazing benefits that would provide you with a pleasant and neat trimming expertise.

Nova has integrated titanium edges in the trimmer for quicker and more effective trimming.  It also uses just a little energy which is sufficient for its excellent service. The Nova NHT-1071 is an excellent pick for individuals wanting to receive fantastic maintenance without splurging a lot of money because of its amazing qualities and low price.


  1. Good quality 
  2. Cost effective 
  3. Supports detachable water cleaning 


  1. Reduced battery life 

Panasonic ER-GB37 Men’s Trimmer

Panasonic’s ER-GB37 electric trimmer is among the top choices. It offers a diverse functionality as well as high-quality finished edges. The blades are accurate and simple to use, allowing anyone to create a constant beard. The trimmer has a rubberized handle that would assist users grasp the device securely.

Quality trimming with a 45-degree blade that aids in covering the entire region accurately is the foremost feature of this trimmer.  Flawless 0.5mm cut that may be utilized when both wet as well as dry.  Disposable for simple and sanitary upkeep. The edges could be cleaned individually with no difficulty. A rapid mechanism allows for simple extension adjustment. As a result, regardless of how thick your hair is, you could have a faultless trimming expertise. The trimmer has a long – lasting battery, allowing users to use for extended periods of time.


  1. Quick and adjustable dial 
  2. Easily washable 


  1. Reduced battery life 

Philips QT4001 Beard Trimmer 

The Philips QT4001 is a wireless hair groomer with only ergonomically designed and contemporary functions, and is yet another effective spending plan tool on the shortlist. The trimmer features a straightforward black appearance which indicates adaptability. The groomer, which has been optimised using Dura energy innovation, will last about you substantially longer than any standard trimmer on the marketplace.

This skin-friendly and cost effective trimmer comes to your place and provides you flawless and well-groomed appeal. 

Hence, this trimmer is a perfect alternative for all the individuals who want to have a groomed look but in a very budget friendly manner. 


  1. Long – lasting life 
  2. Dura power technology 


  1. Very less battery life 

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4005/15

If budget is the barrier, overcome it with Philips QT4005/15 in the best way possible. A straightforward and uncomplicated tool that offers a wonderful trimming encounter to individuals looking for a straightforward yet efficient option for their hygiene requirements.

A rechargeable model with self-sharpening edges ensure a smooth and flawless shaving each time. It has stainless steel construction which does not corrode and are therefore permanently secure to use. The edges include skin-friendly curved points, allowing for a clean and effortless shaving with no skin rashes. DuraPower system enables cleaner and more effective long-term efficiency. Trimming for various situations is possible with the 0.5 -10mm locking position choices. The trimmer is simply detachable, allowing you to sterilize it quickly, making it a good option for all the people out there. 


  1. Sharp edges for smooth trimming 
  2. Skin-friendly 


  1. Less battery life 

Philips 13-in -1 Face, Hair and Body Trimmer

When it comes to finding a product which can solve a number of purposes in one go, this trimmer can be an ideal choice for sure. The finely designed cutting tools have indeed been changed to allow them being used to cut hair from various body parts. The timmer incorporates DualCut innovation, which provides consumers with a far smoother and more precise shaving experience. The tools furnished with this package of trimmer allows the user to have a good experience and at the same time too allows to hold the trimmer conveniently owing to the rubber grip it comes with. 

Thus, this trimmer comes with varied attachments making this experience much more efficient and productive for the user, hence, if you are looking for a trimmer which comes in a low price, this can be a suitable option. 


  1. All in one device 
  2. User-friendly 
  3. Cost effectiveness 


  1. Short battery life 

The final takeaway 

Thus, with a number of trimmers available in the market, it becomes a little cumbersome to identify which can be your perfect shot owing to a number of factors and considerations that an individual should bear in mind. So, given above is the list of best trimmer under 1000 for men. These trimmers are specially designed to give an individual the perfect look in a very budget friendly appeal hence, without burning a hole in your pocket. Best trimmer under 1000 amazon, is what this list is all about. So, what are you waiting for your search ends here as these are the best alternatives a person can find at this reduced price. Buy them now, and have a refreshed and well – groomed look, dress up with a pinch of class and elegance packed up together!

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