10 Best Gluten Free Cookies/Biscuits Brands in India

Best Gluten Free Cookies india

We Indians love snacking! And biscuits are the best companion for morning tea or evening coffee. Well, not for all! When you are allergic to gluten, it is hard to find good gluten-free products in India

There are many motives why people opt for gluten-free foods— it could be due to healthy lifestyle changes or due to gluten intolerance. Whatever the reason is, we have good news for all gluten-intolerant people there are many Gluten-free biscuits brands in India.

If you’re making it from scratch or buying it from a store, you don’t need to worry about munching anymore. Below are our favorite ones you should try if you are avoiding gluten these days. 


Do gluten-free cookies taste different than regular cookies?

Yes, gluten-free cookies taste a bit different from wheat flour cookies. Gluten helps cookies to be a soft and chewy texture. When you opt for no gluten, you get a lot of crunchy options in it. It is a bit hard to replicate gluten-free alternatives. 

Therefore, if you love soft and chewy cookies, you may find it hard to accept these on your table. Don’t fret, there are many alternatives to regular biscuits listed here.

10 Best Gluten-free cookies brands India

Are you craving delicious gluten-free biscuits but have no time to bake them? No worries! We have sorted some best gluten-free cookies in India this year. Leave a comment, letting us know which one you like best. Let us dig into the Indian cookie wonderland.

Nourish Organics Almond Buckwheat Cookies

  • Price- 250INR, 125grams
  • Calories- 156.6kcal as per 30grams

Nourish Organics brings you crunchy cookies loved by the gluten-free community. These healthy almond buckwheat cookies are delightful and must-haves. It is packed with protein and fiber, while almonds add a nutty bite to it- You should surely get your hands on them.

Pure Foods Classic Ajwain Cookies

  • Price- 125INR, 140grams
  • Calories- 463kcal

Pure Foods deals in gluten-free and lactose-free biscuits— these are deliciously sweet and salty cookies, crunchy and perfect with your evening tea. Including ajwain, jeera, red rice, lentils, rice, and millet, this dish is a sweet and savory delight. These are allergen-free and quality gluten-free cookies online at Big Basket and other platforms.

Some More Gluten Free Multi Millet Cookies- Made with Natural Jaggery

  • Price- 99INR, 100grams
  • Calories- 501kcal

Some More Multi Millet Cookies are perfect cookies for any time binging of the day. It is made with various millets and natural jaggery for sweetness to make it rich and healthy. Millets aid in weight loss and keep your blood sugar low, boost immunity, and reduce cardiovascular risks. You can relish these cookies without any tension. Pair it with milk or tea, and enjoy! 

HealthyCo Gluten Free Cookies- Oatmeal Choco chip- Vegan, No Maida, No 

Preservative, Handmade

  • Price- 200INR, 150grams
  • Calories- 73kcal per serving

HealthyCo gluten-free cookies come in many flavors, but the most loved one is oatmeal choco-chip cookies. These 100% gluten-free biscuits are a great choice for maintaining a gluten-free diet. Being 100% vegan, it makes a wholesome guilt-free superfood packed with nutrition without compromising on taste. You get a classic cookie flavor to satisfy your craving.

Wheafree Gluten Free Elaichi Cookies 

  • Price- 110INR, 200grams
  • Calories- 63.57kcal per serving

If you are looking for classic elaichi flavor gluten-free biscuits India, these are the ones you might love. These are the ideal tea partner, crispy, and have an aromatic elaichi flavor that tastes unique. I can already smell these cardamom cookies. With a shelf life of six months, it is suitable for celiacs, gluten intolerants, lactose intolerants, and gluten-free dieters.

Fidalgo’s Gluten-Free Multigrain Desi Ghee Atta Cookies

  • Price- 150INR, 200grams
  • Calories- 47kcal per serving

Fidalgo’s desi ghee atta cookies are one of the best gluten-free biscuits in India that takes you back to your childhood days when you relish homemade desi ghee cookies. The nostalgia is hard-hitting and the ideal tea-time snack. These are light, crisp, and melt-in-mouth biscuits. We are sure you will love to have them.

Dr. Schar Maria Gluten Free Biscuits

  • Price- 315INR, 125grams
  • Calories- 32kcal, per serving

If you are looking for some basic Marie biscuits for tea time, get your hands on Dr. Schar’s gluten-free Marie biscuits. The company claims that it is the number one biscuit in Europe. You can try it if you are not a vegan. If you are, skip it.

Fidalgo’s Gluten-Free Multigrain Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Price- 140INR, 200grams
  • Calories- 4.386kcal per serving

They are the tastiest chocolate cookies from Fidalgo’s— both kids and adults enjoy them. Being a multigrain biscuit, it is a crunchy and vegetarian product. We recommend it to celiac patients looking for tasty treats.

Ketofy Choco Fudge Cookies

  • Price- 331INR, 200grams
  • Calories- 71.4kcal per serving

Ketofy makes a perfect no-regret snack for health-conscious people. It is a high-protein snack with a blend of nutrition and taste. It is ultra-low-carb, gluten-free no added sugar or preservatives. It suppresses your appetite and keeps you full for longer. Adds crunch and deliciousness to every bite. 

Artinci Almond Keto Cookies, Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free

  • Price- 349INR 
  • Calories- 78kcal per 2 cookies

The last on our list is Almond Keto cookies from Artinci. It is jam-packed with the goodness of almond flour, with no sugar, palm oil, or any hydrogenated fats. It is 100% sustainable and contains stevia as a sweetening agent. So you can have it anytime, on the go.

NOTE : Prices mentioned in the post might be outdated, please check on official website.


If you are searching for: Gluten-free products near me, sit back and get gluten-free products online India without any hassle. 

Gluten intolerance is tough to manage in the first few months as you crave foods you love, but once you explore them— you feel more energetic and light. Your body heals and blesses you with health if you take care of it— and gluten-free living is one step towards it!

We hope you favor these 100% gluten-free Indian biscuit brands, but we would love to know your favorite munch.


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