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5 Best Badminton Rackets under 3000 Rupees - Honest Reviews

badminton rackets under 3000

Badminton is indeed the most popular sport played by almost everyone. It is an excellent source of recreation and is played by people from nearly all age groups. Two elements are involved in the game of Badminton – the racquet and the shuttlecock. A premium quality racquet enhances the experience of playing the game altogether. Are you looking for premium quality badminton racquets on an affordable budget? Here we will share some premium quality badminton rackets within a budget of 3000.

Top 5 Badminton Rackets under a Budget of 3000 INR

The top 5 best badminton racket under 3000 are mentioned below –

Yonex Astrox Smash

Yonex manufactures one of the most premium quality badminton racquets that are used by badminton players all across the globe. The Yonex Astrox Smash is one of the most popular and premium quality badminton racquets that come under budget. Some of the features of Yonex Astrox Smash racquets are –

  • It is very lightweight as it weighs 73 grams. So, it becomes straightforward for the players to manage and handle the racquet during play.  
  • The string used in the racquet is made up of Nano-mesh material. The perk of Nanomesh material is it increases the quicker shaft take back.
  • The racquet has a solid build.
  • It is ideal for players who are playing Badminton in their beginning stages.

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Yonex NanoRay Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racket

The NanoRay Light 18i racquet series from Yonex is popular due to its graphite build. It is one of the finest quality badminton racquets available on the market. At a price of under 3000, it is the best badminton racquet you can get on any platform. Some of the features of Yonex NanoRay Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet are –

  • It is built with nanoscience technology to enhance the shaft’s strength and increase the repulsion power. It helps to play lightning-fast shots during plays.
  • The Yonex NanoRay Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet is lightweight, weighing 77 grams. It is ideal for handling the racquet while playing shots.
  • Due to its structure and shape, it is the best badminton racket under 3000 for the intermediate player.
  • The frame material of the Yonex NanoRay Light 18i badminton racquet comprises graphite carbon.
  • It has a greater sweet spot area for playing perfect shots during plays.

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Li Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle II Badminton Racket

Li Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle II is one of the market’s most powerful and handy badminton racquets. It is one of the premium badminton racquet manufacturers and comes under a budget of 3000. Some of the premium quality features of Li-Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle II Badminton Racquets are mentioned below –

  • The Li Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle II Badminton Racquet weighs 85 grams. It is a very lightweight badminton racquet and is ideal for beginners.
  • The head shape of the racquet is isometric. So, it provides better support and flexibility during play.
  • The string tension of the Li Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle II racquet is in the range of 24-26 lbs. Thus, it is perfectively built and designed for aggressive play.
  • The futuristic shape of the racquet is very effective for easy handling and movement during hits.

APACS Graphite Vanguard 11 Badminton Racquet

The APACS Graphite Vanguard 11 Badminton Racquet is wholly designed for aggressive play. It is one of the most premium badminton racquets in this price range. Apart from the quality of the racquet, the performance and feel of playing a badminton match with the APACS Graphite Vanguard 11 Badminton Racquet are epic. Some of the significant features of APACS Graphite Vanguard 11 are –

  • It is a balanced racquet with minimal weight. The weight of the APACS Graphite Vanguard 11 Badminton racquet is 84 grams.
  • The material used for designing the frame of the racquet is high-modulus graphite. It provides a great texture and feels to the players playing with it.
  • It is capable of handling a significant number of string tensions.
  • The Muscle power frame technology in the racquet helps players play aggressive shots easily.

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Yonex Arcsaber Lite Full Graphite Badminton Racquet

The Yonex Arcsaber Lite Badminton Racquet is one of the most popular ranges of affordable racquets that Yonex manufactures. The badminton racquet provides excellent stability and strength for powerful shots and strokes. Also, the racquet is popular due to its budget-friendly price. Some of the perks of playing Badminton with Yonex Arcsaber Lite Full Graphite Badminton racquet are mentioned below –

  • The Arcsaber range of racquets by Yonex is famous for its kind of control and stability.
  • It is very light, and its weight is in the range of 85-92 grams.
  • The CS Carbon Nanotube Technology used in the racquet is beneficial for higher durability and stability.
  • The racquet is designed for both aggressive and defensive kinds of players.

These are some of the top badminton racket under 3000 in 2022. All the racquets mentioned in the guide will provide you with the ultimate quality experience in playing Badminton and help you to defeat your opposition like a pro. 

Things to Consider While Buying a Badminton Racket under 3000

It would be best to consider several aspects before buying a badminton racquet. Some of the top things to consider before buying badminton rackets under 3000 are mentioned below –

Weight of RacquetThe racquet’s weight is significant and can play a pivotal role in deciding your performance in the match. The consequences of badminton racquets are mainly divided into four categories – 1U, 2U, 3U, and 4U. 1U is for 95-100g, 2U is for the content of 90-95g, 3U is for the content of 85-89g, and 4U is for the content of 80-84g. Depending on your stroke-play, you can select a racquet from the given weight range.

  • Balance Point of the Racquet

The choice of the balance point of the racquet may differ from player to player. The balance points available for the racquets are head-heavy, head-light, and even balanced. The head-heavy racquets are mainly designed for powerful shots, whereas the head-light racquets are designed for faster movements. However, even-balanced racquets are always recommended for players in their beginning stages.

  • Material Build-Up of the Racquet

The material build-up of the racquet helps to determine the racquet’s quality, feel, and performance during matches. Beginners are always recommended to use racquets with steel or aluminum build. However, if you are a pro player in Badminton and want performance and texture, you can choose badminton racquets made of carbon fibre or graphite.

  • Shaft Flexibility of the Racquet

The shaft flexibility is the flexibility of the racquet. The flexibility of a racquet is divided into flexible, medium flex, and stiff. Players in their beginning stages use the flexible racquets. The flexible racquets provide excellent movement and agility. The medium flex racquets are designed for intermediate players. These racquets help to improve the skills of the players. Professional-level players use stiff racquets. So, you can choose the flexibility of your racquet based on your skill set.

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You must consider these top four aspects before buying a badminton racquet. These aspects can affect your performance and game ultimately. You might like reading this article : List of Rackets under 1500 INR .

Disclaimer : Prices may increase and decrease after publishing post. So always checkout latest price before buying.

Behind the Reviews: We dive deep into the badminton world, putting rackets through rigorous testing, scouring trusted sports sites, tapping into insights from top players, and gathering user feedback. Our goal? To deliver reviews you can trust.

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