The Sardar Patel become active in Politics after listening to the speech from Mahatma Gandhi.

He was a big follower of Gandhi and his principals of Non-violence.

In 1920, Sardar Patel won the fight against the British government by arranging a non-violent Civil disobedience protest and from that time his political career took an upward momentum.

One of the most significant achievements of him before independence was becoming the Indian National Congress President in the year 1931.

Due to the struggles of the  Sardar Patel and all other freedom fighters, India got independence and British Retreated to their country.

After the Independence, the Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel become the first Home Minister of India and also the Deputy Prime Minister of India.

After the independence, he took some firm steps to prevent further damage to divided India, and that’s why he is known as the Iron Man of India.

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