Muthyala Govindarajulu Naidu was born in Hyderabad in 1868.

He studied in Christian College and then Bachelor of Medicine in Medical College in Madras

Then proceeded to England for Masters in Surgery and joined the University of Edinburgh, and was an excellent child in studies.

Muthyala Govindarajulu Naidu marrige with Sarojini Naidu

They had four children Ranadheer Naidu, Padmaja Naidu, Jayasurya Naidu, Nilawar Naidu, Leelamani naidu.

Muthyala Govindarajula Naidu joined as the State service Medical Officer, Imperial Service Troops, 1892 in Hyderabad

During his lifetime, he toiled again for ordinary being’s integrity, earning him true recognition for the sincere as well as honorable actions.