Every year, the world environment day is celebrated on 5th June.

The World Environment Day, was first celebrated in the year 1974, the purpose for celebrating this day was to raise awareness amongst people to make them realize that, it is our responsibility to protect our environment.

Some of the major reasons behind, environment getting destructed is the overpopulation, marine pollution, global warming, and more.

And, if we can destroy our nature, then we can fix it also if we pledge not to use harmful materials.

The World Environment Day is also abbreviated as WED and was first declared to be celebrated by the UN General Assembly in the year 1972.

There was a discussion going on about the human interaction with the environment in the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment from where celebrating World Environment Day started.

On this day we can take a promise that you will use fewer plastic items, you can do plantation, you can walk, or take a bicycle for covering short distances.