Related to A Betrayal Awaiting You

Definitely, a betrayal is waiting for you. Heard someone say  SNAKE LIKE FRIENDS?

Yes, the snake is considered as a sign of betrayal.

Just like a snake hides nearby and attacks you in your most vulnerable state, there is a danger around you in the form of your most trustworthy person.

This person is the closest to you and is all prepared to betray you in every possible way.

Are you prepared to be saved? Don’t get too close to anyone and don’t share your secrets with anyone.

Always remember, all the great men and women died when betrayed by a closed one. Enemies could not do harm to them.

Think of all the people who are getting close to you for no reasons. Throw them all out of your life now.

Don’t be cruel or harsh to anyone, just know your way and maintain distance. You don’t need a SNAKE LIKE FRIEND.