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What is ONDC?

ONDC is an initiative that promotes open networks for a variety of exchanging goods and services through digital or electronic networks.

What are the aims of ONDC?

ONDC aims to shift from an operator-driven monolithic, interoperable decentralized network and platform-centric model to a facilitator-driven one.

How does ONDC work?

First have to search for an item on the Paytm app, as this will be the place from where ONDC has gone live, which in turn will connect to the seller side interfaces.

What are the ONDC Applications?

In simple terms, one can download the ONDC app of their choice ( like with the UPI) and utilize it to buy specific products and services from all the sellers.

What does it mean for online sellers and buyers?

ONDC will enable more sellers to be digitally visible along with their products and services. It also helps the online buyers as then they would have an increase in options of the product they require at several different price points.

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