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Girnar Amusement & Water Park

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Girnar Amusement & Water Park

By Car: The most convenient way to reach Girnar Amusement & Water Park is by car. If you’re coming from Mandsaur city center, it’s approximately a 15-20 minute drive. You can use GPS or ask locals for directions, as it’s a well-known attraction in the region.
Public Transportation: You can also opt for local buses or autorickshaws to get to the park. These options may take a bit longer, but they are budget-friendly.

Amusement Rides: Girnar Amusement Park offers a variety of thrilling rides for visitors of all ages. From roller coasters and bumper cars to Ferris wheels and carousel rides, there’s something for everyone seeking an adrenaline rush.
Water Fun: The water park section is a fantastic place to cool off on a hot day. You’ll find water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, perfect for a refreshing escape from the heat.
Scenic Surroundings: The park is nestled in a serene, green environment with well-maintained gardens and picnic spots. You can relax and enjoy nature’s beauty while spending quality time with your family and friends.
Food and Refreshments: Girnar Amusement & Water Park offers various food stalls and eateries, serving a range of snacks and refreshments. It’s an ideal place for a quick bite or a leisurely meal.
Entertainment Events: Occasionally, the park hosts special events, live music, and entertainment shows, so check their schedule if you want to catch one during your visit.
Safety and Facilities: The park prioritizes safety, with trained staff and lifeguards at the water park. They also provide locker facilities and changing rooms for your convenience.
Pricing: Entrance fees may vary depending on age and the type of attractions you want to access. Be sure to check the latest pricing information before your visit.

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